'Resistance 3' Gameplay Video Shows Four Minutes of Action

Resistance 3 Gameplay Video 4 Minutes

Whether or not you're familiar with the Resistance series, it's painfully clear that the FPS genre isn't lacking any content of late. With space shooters, alien shooters, and plain old military shooters bumping shoulders for release windows in 2011, it's becoming even harder for established franchises to remain at the top.

The announcement trailer for the game showed that the creative team was taking full advantage of the premise and story of the series, using live-action video to try to put players into the shoes of a former soldier fighting for his life against tremendous odds.

The artwork for the game made it clear that the world we knew is long gone, and the Midwest has been reduced to rubble and ash.

Environments can do a great deal to constructing a certain mood for a large-scale game, but nothing lets players know what they're in for like actual footage of the game. Well wait no more, as the first extended footage of the game has arrived, showing a variety of weapons, enemies, and environments that you'll be taking on with your band of rag-tag fighters.

The footage consists solely of combat, so have a look at how the different weapons and enemies will look in action:


There you have it, four full minutes of shooting aliens. It's interesting that this footage showcases enemies being killed from a distance, while other shooters like Killzone 3 are turning their attention to bringing combat up close and personal. Insomniac is definitely going to be in for a fight this year, with major shooters like Homefront trying to accomplish the same goal of putting players into the shoes of a resistance fighter.

Similarly, the bombed-out and war-torn environments of Resistance 3 are visually interesting and help to promote a chaotic atmosphere, but at this point are one of the most used. It's likely that the die-hard fans of the series will find the video to be an affirmation that Insomniac is set to deliver yet another quality title, but in this day and age it's becoming more of a challenge for a shooter to even get noticed.

While the Xbox had long been considered to be overflowing with FPS's, it looks like the PlayStation 3 will be taking a run at the title this year. The releases of 2011 will be interesting to watch, with other grey-and-gritty shooters like Resistance 3, Killzone 3, Gears of War 3, Homefront, and too many others to name.

Once the games start to separate themselves in sales, it could have a huge impact on which franchises get the green light for another sequel. Hopefully more games this year won't mean fewer development teams get a chance for a follow-up in the future.

We'll wait and see whether Resistance 3 can deliver on their promise of a new story and attitude when Resistance 3 is released on September 6, for the Playstation 3.

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