VGAs Will Give First Look at 'Resistance 3' Gameplay

Resistance 3 Gameplay Teaser VGAs

If the VGAs weren’t crowded with announcements and trailers already, they certainly are shaping up to be that way now. Just released is a teaser for the first ever footage of Resistance 3 gameplay in action, which will be unveiled December 11 on the Spike VGAs.

Up until now we’ve had only a few quick looks at character designs and levels, but nothing as substantial as actual game footage. With only a brief overview of the game’s plot line having been revealed, the hope is that this footage gives a taste for both the story and the game.

As an arguably inferior sequel, Resistance 2 left many gamers wondering where Insomniac went wrong. Others, myself included, enjoyed the sense of scope and scale that the sequel brought to the idea of a war fought on all fronts.

No matter how gamers felt about the previous installment, they all have high hopes for the third entry. It all started as a slow burn with a billboard and ended up really reeling them in with a live action trailer. At the end of the brief teaser, gamers had forgotten about Resistance 2 and were instead looking towards this new one.

See if this new live action teaser trailer gets you pumped for the gameplay footage:

Beyond the brief snippets that got buzz for the game going, players have been given a look at one of the new dastardly enemies in the game along with an extensive overview of what weapons will be making repeat appearances and info on the brand new ones.

Along with a single player overhaul, Resistance is getting a multiplayer facelift that adds two new features. The co-op campaign will now exist as its own entity that will feel less like a retread of what was done in the single player, and the online multiplayer will be vastly improved. Gone are the days of the objective work multiplayer  in favor of a more deathmatch-oriented series of modes.

If you miss the VGAs, stick tuned to Game Rant for your first look at the gameplay on December 11, 2010.

Who’s planning on watching the VGAs to get their first look at Resistance 3 in action?

Resistance 3 is set for a 2011 release on the PS3.

Source: Spike TV

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