Resistance 3: New Weapons, Story, and Multiplayer Details

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Resistance fans desperate for information regarding the next installment in the series are in luck. Insomniac Games and Sony have released news detailing the weapons, story, and multiplayer in Resistance 3.

In the newest issue of Game Informer, there is a rundown of all the new Resistance 3 details. While some are confirmations of facts that were assumed based on leaked information, other new pieces of information should make Resistance fans very happy.

For those that were unhappy with the method of weapon selection in Resistance 2, we are happy to announce the return of the inventory wheel. Along with the wheel, returning weapons include the Auger, Carbine, Bullseye, Magnum, and Shotgun. Each of these weapons will upgrade depending on frequency of use, which is similar to what you would find in Ratchet and Clank. A new weapon, the Mutator, sends out a vile mist that creates boils on the opposition's skin that, after a time, explode causing damage to nearby enemies as well. Alternate fire on this weapon consists of a different mist that forces the Chimera to turn on each other and work in your favor.

This time around, co-op will not have its own campaign independent of the main storyline. As someone who was very disappointed by the repetitive nature of the co-op option in Resistance 2, I am glad to see that Insomniac is moving towards an experience that gamers want and expect. Even multiplayer itself is getting a facelift as the game is moving away from the 60-player modes from the previous game in order to create a tighter experience. With many gamers placing the kiss of death upon a game that doesn't have a deathmatch variant in its multiplayer, I would expect to see something of the sort when the finished game releases.

We already know that this sequel is moving away from the storyline of Nathan Hale and is using Joe Capelli as the star of the game. Capelli has settled down with a woman named Susan, Hale's stepsister, and is trying to survive in the midst of a Chimeran occupation. If the storyline of this third game falls in line with the amazing screens we have seen, I wouldn't expect Capelli to sit by for too long. Give me some giant Chimeran monsters and I am satisfied.

Which of these new details gets you the most excited to play Resistance 3? The story, the weapons, or the multiplayer?

Resistance 3 releases some time late next year on the PS3.

Source: Game Informer (via NeoGAF)

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