'Resistance 3 Brutality Pack' is Co-op With Grims, Sledgehammers, & Mastodon

Resistance 3 Brutality Pack Revealed

Announced today is the latest DLC for Insomniac's critical darling, Resistance 3. The Brutality Pack features a Horde Mode-style game type in which two players take arms against a never ending onslaught of the series' trademark enemy, the Grims -- all for the low cost of $3.99.

The mode takes place on the Wales map from Resistance 3 multiplayer, though this time the atmosphere is much darker. The multiplayer map is known for it's bright colors, but in the Brutality Pack the sky is overcast and the enemies are relentless. Judging by the announcement video, players will start off with weapons that have yet to be ranked up. As players fend off the Grim horde their weapons will rank up accordingly, giving them more firepower as the waves increase.

The game mode wouldn't be complete, however, without one of the most memorable weapons from Resistance 3's campaign, the sledgehammer. The weapon -- which was absent from the core game's multiplayer component -- will return in this co-op add-on. Unfortunately, much like the first add on for Resistance 3, the Brutality Pack will not add any new trophies to the game

The DLC  will also bring one notable addition to the game: Mastodon (the band, not the prehistoric creature). To accompany the atmosphere of the Brutality Pack, seven tracks by the metal band are played in-game during survival mode.  These include three tracks from Mastodon's latest album, The Hunter, and two more from the deluxe edition of said record, as well as two instrumental versions of songs from the CD Blood Mountain.

The band even took the time to joke that the Brutality Pack is inspired from their lifestyle, and that the whole idea for Resistance 3 was licensed to Insomniac by Mast0don. At least, we hope they're joking.

All in all, the Brutality Pack looks like a fun addition to Resistance 3; we just hope it can be as fun and varied as the core game. The Brutality Pack is only set on one map and against presumably one enemy type, so hopefully Insomniac will expand on the mode more in the future. We've already seen them release two free maps in the latest Resistance 3 update, so hopefully they'll do the same with the Brutality Pack, or at least price new maps reasonably.

Resistance 3 is available now for the PS3, and the Brutality Pack will release tomorrow on PSN.


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Source: G4, IGN

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