Insomniac’s highly anticipated shooter, Resistance 3, releases next week and to celebrate and thank all of the fans for their support, Insomniac will be ending off the Resistance 3 beta with a bang. And what that means is that they would like as many players as possible to play a few rounds in the beta between today (August 30th) and September 4th.

In doing, so players can also earn some exclusive goodies for the full game launch. Players who participate in the beta between now and August 4th will receive exclusive access to a Nathan Hale SRPA skin from Resistance 2. This appears to be different from the Infected Nathan Hale skin available as a pre-order bonus as this skin looks like it shows Hale before the infection began to ravage his body.

In addition, Resistance 3 beta testers will also receive access to a multiplayer taunt called the Double Bird taunt. This taunt is a bit more racy than those players may be familiar with from games like Uncharted 2: Among Theives as instead of suggestively jirating your hips, players will be able to flip off others in-game (though admiteddly the former is always fun to see a Chimera do).

While this all sounds lovely, it certainly won’t appease some who feel Resistance 3 is too much of a departure from the original title, Resistance: Fall of Man. While we at Game Rant enjoyed the Resistance 3 beta, there are admitedly still some fans out there clamoring for a more “classic Resistance feel” and Insomniac has heard their prayers. When Resistance 3 launches next week, players can look forward to a “Classic Hardcore” playlist. The playlist is similar to that of other Resistance 3 gametypes with two notable exceptions: the absence of berserks and abilities. Tired of getting melee killed by a cloaked enemy? Insomniac’s got you covered. Sick of being followed around the map by leapers? Insomniac’s taken care of that as well.

Resistance 3 Hale SKin

Resistance 3 Double Bird Taunt

For players who felt like they were getting left out by Insomniac, this is the great news we wanted to hear. It certainly won’t appease everybody, but in the end it shows Insomniac’s love towards their fans and goal to deliver something they want and will enjoy.

Now, some players may be wondering about the words, “love towards the fans. How much do they really love me if they’re offering all of these beta rewards yet I can’t even play it?” Well, that’s been taken care of too. Starting today (presumably when the PlayStation store updates later on tonight) the Resistance 3 beta will open up to all PSN users. So get on there and grab your free Hale skin! As well, players looking for more Resistance 3 bonus content should try out the Resistance 3 browser game Global Resistance which offers in game rewards such as multiplayer titles, skins and singleplayer cheats.

Will you be joining in on the beta mayhem this week?

Resistance 3 launches September 6th, 2011 exclusively for the PS3.