Resistance fans eager to participate in the upcoming Resistance 3 beta and play around with the game’s exotic weaponry should be happy to hear that the beta will begin in the first week of August.  The beta will feature two game modes, Team Deathmatch and Chain Reaction, though the maps that will be included have yet to be announced.

For North American gamers, the only ways to get into the Resistance 3 beta were through the purchase of SOCOM 4 or by signing up for the Insomniac Games Community Newsletter, as well as a few contests here and there from Insomniac themselves.  European gamers can get into the beta if they are subscribed to PlayStation Plus.

In addition to the beta, Insomniac also announced a new tie-in game to Resistance 3 titled Global Resistance. The free-to-play title is an online strategy game that allows gamers to play as either the Chimeran or Human forces. Players pick a side and build up their bases, then deploy troops as they fight alongside or against other gamers, with battles depicted as 2-D animated skirmishes between the two opposing factions.

Players who participate in Global Resistance will also obtain awards which can be used in Resistance 3.  These include multiplayer skins, in-game titles, and XP boosters. Global Resistance is available to play right now through though users will have to log in with either their Facebook or PSN ID to gain first access to the game.

Insomniac used a similar marketing tactic prior to the launch of Resistance 2 known as Project Abraham, which gave some insight into the back story of the game.  So far, there does not appear to be any story ties between Global Resistance and Resistance 3, though the many mutliplayer skins players can receive should be more than enough incentive to participate.

Will you be participating in the Resistance 3 beta and/or Global Resistance?

The Resistance 3 beta begins the first week of August, 2011, and Global Resistance is now available through

Resistance 3 lands September 6, 2o11, for the PlayStation 3.

Source: IGN, PlayStation Blog