Announced during the Insomniac Games panel at SDCC was information on the Resistance 3 beta, specifically that it would begin during the first week of August. Few details were given at the time, but now Insomniac has shed light on the beta’s release date as well as features found within the Resistance 3 beta.

The beta will start on August 4th, and will be limited to those who received a beta code through early purchases of SOCOM 4. The beta will later open up to all US PlayStation Plus subscribers on August 23rd.

More details about the contents of the Resistance beta were also revealed today such as playable maps and game modes. Insomniac expressed in past interviews that while the single player campaign will focus on the story of the American fight against the Chimera, the mutliplayer will take place across the globe. The two maps featured in the beta -The Seaside of Glamagorn, which takes place in Wales, and a Trainyard in Bogota Colombia – both demonstrate the variety in enivronments found in Resistance 3‘s multiplayer component.

Resistance 3 will launch with five playable game modes however the beta will only have two available to play, Team Deathmatch and Chain Reaction. The other three game modes that will be available when the full game launches are Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Breach.

Resistance 3 Beta August 4th 2

There will also be a level cap placed on players during the beta period so no one can rank up past level 20. While this will limit participants form exploring the full breadth of the multiplayer beta it will also make sure that players will have many welcome surprises when Resistance 3 launches later this year. Those who are disappointed with the level cap should recall that in Resistance 2 reaching level 20 in the competitive multiplayer was very time consuming, and assuming XP is structured in a similar fashion, it is unlikely most players will reach level 20 by the end of the beta anyway.

Currently, the only ways into the Resistance 3 beta are through purchasing a specially marked copy of SOCOM 4, having subscribed to the Insomniac Games Community Newsletter or by subscribing to PlayStation Plus. Insomniac has mentioned that they will announce more ways into the beta in the coming weeks so pay attention to Gamerant to find out the future methods of getting into the beta.

Resistance 3 launches September 6th for the PS3, will you be participating in the beta?

Source: PlayStation Blog