Resistance 3 Set For 2011 Launch

Resistance 3 2011 Release

Well, at least if the Mayans were right about the world ending in 2012, we know we will be able to play a little Resistance 3 before the world ends, as the third PS3 Resistance title is set for release in 2011. See what I did there, did you catch it? That is me being a glass-half full kind of guy--looking for the positive in all things, as Insomniac confirmed via Twitter that Resistance 3 is a 2011 release. And that of course means, for the slower kids out there, that it will not be coming out this year. Crazy how that works.

Adding to that, Insomniac said there would not be any new Resistance 3 news at PAX Prime either. But, perhaps as a sign of Insomniac being a group of half-glass full people too,  they did mention more news would be coming and that fans should stay tuned.

While I did not necessarily expect Resistance 3 to come out this year, it was fun to dream and hope...maybe a Holiday release or something. And no real screens or news at PAX either, that makes me a little sad as a fan of the games. But again, as a glass-half full guy, maybe that is good news too. Maybe it means Insomniac is really taking the time to polish things up before even showing it the first time.

I have to admit, however, that after watching the live action teaser trailer I am super curious to see some Resistance 3 gameplay footage. I am curious to see what has changed from Resistance and Resistance 2. I know I am in the minority here, but I actually thought Resistance 2 was the better game of the two. I know, I know, sacrilege, what can I say, I liked the game, and thought it was a lot of fun. General fan reaction was not as strong to the game, however, and Insomniac has stated that they heard the fan feedback.

I just hope some form of co-op missions make it into Resistance 3. Those were awesome in 2. But regardless of whether you agree with me or not, one thing seems certain, Resistance 3 will be a different animal than 2 and perhaps even the original.

What do you Ranters think? Are you guys excited about Resistance 3? What features or aspects from Resistance and Resistance 2 do you want included, or not, in part 3? Let me know. And feel free to tell me I am crazy for liking Resistance 2 better than the original, it is OK, I can handle it.

Resistance 3 is scheduled to release sometime in 2011, exclusively for the PS3.

Source: CVG

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