A new interview from director Koshi Nakanishi reveals that the new Banned Footage DLC for Resident Evil 7 draws from Annie Wilkes’ story in Stephen King’s ‘Misery’.

The first piece of Resident Evil DLC arrived last week, allowing players to experience even more first-person horror than was available in the game’s original story. The mode that seems to grab our attention the most is the new Bedroom mode, which features a two room puzzle where the player must escape Marguerite Baker without letting her know that they are out of bed.

Sound familiar? Director Koshi Nakanishi stated to GamesRadar+ that the inspiration for the Resident Evil 7 level comes right from renowned horror author Stephen King’s novel, Misery. In the book, and subsequent film adaptation, author Paul Sheldon becomes injured and is taken in and forced to write a novel by Annie Wilkes, his insane ‘number one fan’.

“Our original idea was literally that Marguerite would be forcing the player to write a novel,” Nakanishi continues. “You would select phrases to write and make up the novel text. She would read it and if she liked it she’d be in a good mood, but if she didn’t…let’s just say it wouldn’t end up well for the player.”


This intricate book-writing sequence was allegedly too complicated to add to the game, but the ultimate goal of escaping the terrifying Kathy Bates substitute is still present. The Banned Footage DLC has two other modes for players to experience: a survival game called Nightmare where waves of enemies will attack throughout the night, and an extra ‘Ethan Must Die’ mode which is sure to make even the most hardcore players reaching for a guide.

In other Resident Evil 7 news, it seems that the game’s fan base is currently finding new and creative ways to complete the latest horror title in the shortest time possible. One recent notable attempt was a speedrun where the player beat the full game, using only a knife. This particular run was done on Resident Evil‘s Easy setting, but if you’re looking to complete the game on Madhouse difficulty, you’re going to have a much harder time ahead of you.

Despite Resident Evil 7 being seen as a step in the right direction by fans, it seems that investors don’t see things quite the same way. Because the game didn’t quite have the launch weeks seen with Resident Evil 5 or Resident Evil 6, Capcom’s share value has actually fallen since the release of the latest installment. Only time will tell if the newest game will be able to keep up with its predecessors in the long run.

Resident Evil 7 is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.