One trend that has gained a lot of traction during the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 generation has been publishers’ reliance on releasing remastered versions of previously released titles. From newer IPs like The Last of Us to older franchises like Homeworld, this generation has already seen a lot of remasters hit store shelves.

Capcom is at it once more, breathing life back into another fan-favorite title after the success of their last remastered title, Resident Evil HD.

Earlier today, Capcom revealed plans to give Resident Evil Zero the HD treatment through a new video on the official Resident Evil YouTube channel. After 13 years since Resident Evil Zero original hit store shelves, fans will be happy to note that the original director on the title, Koji Oda, is back leading this project with a number of veteran developers as well.

Serving as a prequel title to the original Resident Evil, Zero pairs death row criminal Billy Coen with police officer Rebecca Chalmers as they work together to survive a viral outbreak that’s turning people into zombies. Players also had the option to swap between either character at either time as both characters possessed special abilities to handle certain situations.

Speculation of this Resident Evil title started last December after a “Biohazard Zero” (Biohazard being the Japanese name for the Resident Evil series) icon appeared on Capcom’s Japanese website. With Capcom’s newfound reliance on HD versions of classic titles, rumors began circulating.

Resident Evil Zero HD

The news shouldn’t be terribly surprising for fans as last week Capcom announced that it planned to make remastered versions of their AAA games a priority. With Resident Evil HD surpassing over 1 million units sold and also becoming the fastest selling day one digital title ever on the PlayStation Network in western markets, it makes a lot of sense for Capcom to continue forward on this path. With this Resident Evil Zero HD announcement, they’re certainly making good on that promise.

This practice of revisiting games and releasing them again on newer systems makes a lot of sense for both publishers and developers. From a publisher standpoint, these HD remasters are a low risk as it means working with a game that’s already established, which is immensely helpful in an era where one failed game could potentially mean the loss of jobs. From a developer standpoint, the workload isn’t nearly as grueling due to working with a game that’s already created rather than creating an original title from scratch. Granted, not everyone may agree with that statement.

What other Capcom franchises would you like to see get the remastered treatment? Let us know in the comments below.

Resident Evil Zero HD Remastered is scheduled to launch on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC sometime in 2016.

Source: Dengeki Online (via Resident Evil YouTube Channel)