So far, Capcom hasn’t had a significant presence at E3 2017 in terms of games, but the company has released a nine minute clip of the upcoming CG film Resident Evil: Vendetta to whet fan’s appetites for the movie’s release next week.

The nine minute clip of Resident Evil: Vendetta appears to be taken from the beginning of the movie. It starts with Leon S. Kennedy investigating a morgue of some sort, where he comes across some zombies in typical Resident Evil fashion. But while the beginning of the clip features Leon, the bulk of it actually stars Chris Redfield and a team of operatives as they attempt to hunt down a bio-terrorist named Glenn Arias.

All things considered, the clip doesn’t really reveal much about the film that hasn’t already been shown in the trailers. In the clip, Chris Redfield and his team wind up exploring a mansion that looks almost identical to the Spencer Estate from the first Resident Evil game, and they manage to find a child that has sadly turned into a zombie. Before we can see what happens when this zombie child attacks, though, the clip abruptly ends.

Resident Evil: Vendetta is set to release next week, so it make sense for Capcom to build some hype for it at E3. However, some Resident Evil fans may be hoping to see something game-related from the survival-horror franchise at this year’s E3 as well.

If Capcom brings a Resident Evil game to E3 this year, there are two possibilities that seem the most likely. For one, Capcom may use E3 2017 to finally show off the Resident Evil 2 remake. The Resident Evil 2 remake has been in development for a while now, but Capcom has yet to release any screenshots or footage of it. Since Resident Evil 7 debuted during Sony’s press conference at last year’s E3, perhaps we will get out first look at the game later tonight.

Another possibility is that Capcom will reveal new footage of the Not A Hero DLC that is on its way for Resident Evil 7. For the uninitiated, the Not A Hero DLC is a free expansion for RE7 that features Chris Redfield in the starring role. It was originally slated for release this spring, but was delayed so Capcom could improve it.

If Resident Evil 7‘s Not A Hero DLC and the Resident Evil 2 remake are both missing in action at this year’s E3, hopefully this nine minute clip of Resident Evil: Vendetta is enough to tide fans over until Capcom is ready to show what’s next for the game series.

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Resident Evil: Vendetta will have a limited run in North American theaters on June 19th, with a digital release on June 20th. The film will be available on Blu-Ray and DVD beginning July 20th.