Resident Evil: Vendetta Gets First US Trailer

Resident Evil: Vendetta Gets First US Trailer - Leon S. Kennedy gun

Sony Pictures releases the first US trailer for Resident Evil: Vendetta, the upcoming CG film starring Leon S. Kennedy, Chris Redfield, and Rebecca Chambers.

While some Resident Evil fans may still be busy exploring the creepy Baker family plantation in Resident Evil 7, others have already played through the game and are anxious to see what's next for the franchises. Besides a slew of Resident Evil 7 DLC Capcom has in store, Resident Evil fans also have a brand new CG film to look forward to in the form of Resident Evil: Vendetta, which has just received its first US trailer.

The first US trailer for Resident Evil: Vendetta doesn't have any new footage, but it comes with a couple of new details about the film's release outside of Japan. The Japanese version of Resident Evil: Vendetta is set to release on May 27th, but the US version has a vaguer "summer 2017" release window. We also now know that the US version of Resident Evil: Vendetta will have a limited run in theaters to coincide with its home media release.

US fans excited to see Resident Evil: Vendetta may be disappointed to learn that the film isn't necessarily releasing in the US on the same day as Japanese audiences get to see it, but perhaps the chance to see it on the big screen will make up for the possible delay. While they wait for a more specific release date for the CG film, fans can check out the US version of the Resident Evil: Vendetta trailer below.

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Starring Leon S. Kennedy, Chris Redfield, and Rebecca Chambers, Resident Evil: Vendetta is said to be inspired by the first game in the series. True to its inspiration, Resident Evil: Vendetta will feature a creepy mansion not unlike the one seen in the original Resident Evil game. However, it also caters to the franchise's over-the-top action side, with motorcycle chases, massive explosions, and ridiculous action sequences that may make the characters feel more like superheroes than real people.

Even with what basically amounts to superhuman power at their disposal, the villain in Resident Evil: Vendetta looks to be giving Leon, Chris, and Rebecca a run for their money. Known as Glenn Arias, this "death merchant" has developed a new strain of virus called the Trigger Virus, which allows him to create more intelligent bioweapons, and he plans on unleashing it on New York City.

It remains to be seen how Leon, Chris, and Rebecca will put a stop to Arias' diabolical plans, but fans will find out this summer if they are able to defeat him. In the meantime, it will be interesting to see if Resident Evil: Vendetta has any connections to the franchise's overall lore besides the returning characters, and if it bridges the narrative gap between Resident Evil 6 and 7.

Resident Evil: Vendetta releases this summer.

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