Today marks the North American theatrical debut of Resident Evil: Vendetta, which will enjoy a limited run until tomorrow when it launches digitally. With these Resident Evil CG films proving popular enough to warrant three films so far, one has to imagine that Capcom is considering similar movies for its other gaming franchises. If Resident Evil: Vendetta producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi had his way, he would make movies based on Dino CrisisSengoku Basara, or Devil May Cry.

Kobayashi was asked if there were any plans to create films based on those specific Capcom franchises, to which he responded, “I’d love to do that, any of them, but I can’t answer that.” While Kobayashi’s response is generally noncommittal, it does indicate that he at least has interest in producing something based on Devil May CryDino Crisis, or Sengoku Basara.

Out of those three Capcom franchises, though, the one that seems most likely to be treated to a Resident Evil: Vendetta-style CG film would be Devil May Cry. While it’s true that there hasn’t been a new Devil May Cry game in years, the franchise hasn’t been as dormant as long as Dino Crisis, and has a great deal more name recognition than the relatively obscure Sengoku Basara. Furthermore, Dante is a playable character in the upcoming Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, which gives Capcom more reason to push the franchise when compared to Dino Crisis and Sengoku Basara.

Devil May Cry 5 Outed By Voice Actor Resume - Dante and Nero

Unfortunately, Kobayashi’s answer doesn’t even give fans a hint as to whether or not a Devil May Cry CG film is actually in the works or not. If a Devil May Cry movie were to be made, though, one has to wonder whether it would follow the story of the original games, or if it would be set in the DmC reboot universe.

Perhaps a Devil May Cry CG film could start the story at the beginning to avoid confusion. Alternatively, it could serve as a continuation of the DmC: Devil May Cry story, especially since it seems less and less likely that DmC 2 will  ever be developed.

While fans wait on news about CG films for other Capcom franchises, they can look forward to seeing Resident Evil: Vendetta in theaters later today.

Resident Evil: Vendetta hits theaters June 19th, with a digital release on June 20th. The film’s home media launch will follow on July 18th.

Source: Collider