In the Resident Evil series, the Umbrella Corporation is responsible for a host of bizarre genetic experiments, with its iconic red-and-white logo regularly being daubed across scenes from a zombie outbreak. Inexplicably, a Vietnamese skincare clinic has chosen to adopt the symbol as its own.

Over the weekend, images of the Medicare Skin Centre in Ho Chi Minh City hit Reddit, with the familiar Resident Evil logo splashed across its exterior as the staff stood smiling in front of it. Upon closer inspection, it’s possible to make out that their uniforms also bear the Umbrella-inspired symbol.

There’s even more disturbing imagery to be found on the company’s website. One photograph sees a man wearing a lab coat bearing the logo wearing goggles, and treating a patient with some kind of heavy machinery — while it’s entirely possible that he’s just trying to clear up a longstanding skin complaint, it’s difficult to deny the possibility that he’s attempting to turn her into an unspeakable monster along the lines of the Nemesis or a Tyrant.

medicare skin centre

“We are also very surprised about this coincidence,” reads a post on the official Medicare Skin Centre page on Facebook. The company is said to be launching an investigation into the matter, stating that logo design is outside of its main expertise.

It seems that this was a genuine mistake, as few medical companies would intentionally force a comparison with the Umbrella Corporation. It’s more than likely that whoever designed the logo was a Resident Evil fan, and decided to have a bit of fun with the assignment.

However, there is always a slim chance that this is a particularly in-depth example of viral marketing. Capcom has done some strange things to promote Resident Evil in the past, and while it doesn’t seem likely that this news story is a hoax designed to hype up a future project, it’s not a complete impossibility.

The latest entry in Capcom’s survival-horror franchise is Resident Evil 7, which is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit