After the disappointment that was Resident Evil 6, fans of Capcom‘s long-running franchise could certainly use some uplifting news. Unfortunately, what we have is news of yet another Resident Evil port, this time of a 3DS game to the Xbox 360 (and maybe PS3).

Released early last year, Resident Evil: Revelations was one of the few M-rated titles available on Nintendo’s at-the-time-new handheld. And now it appears the game is making the jump to major consoles.

According to game site Exophase, a complete set of achievements has been found for what is being called Resident Evil: Revelations Unveiled Edition that include both the single player campaign and the ‘Raid’ mode — a score-based run-through of various self-contained areas. And though these are only Xbox 360 achievements, there have been reports that suggest a PS3 port is just as likely.

Check out the full list of Achievements at Exophase.

Resident Evil: Revelations, for you non-3DS owners out there, was a passable entry in the franchise that made decent use of the handheld’s 3D capabilities, and featured that sublime over-the-shoulder gameplay — albeit without the use of twin sticks if you didn’t own the Circle Pad Pro. But more importantly than that, Revelations featured a story that starred both Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine — arguably the two most popular characters in the franchise.

Their tale splits into two halves — running concurrent to one another — and eventually comes together on an abandoned freighter that just so happens to be filled with bio-organic weapons (a.k.a. virus-infected humans). Overall Revelations’ is a narrative filled with the typical evil corporation underpinnings that are ultimately forgettable. The game itself, though, is solid enough to be worth a casual recommendation. Make sure to read our review.

So temper your enthusiasm for an inevitable Revelations release Resident Evil fans, as this may not be exactly the game you’re looking for. Yes, Capcom could do worse — and arguably have with Resident Evil 6 — but at the same time porting a handheld game doesn’t always deliver in the way the publisher/developer intended.

We’ll keep you posted if an official announcement is made.

Would you like to see Resident Evil: Revelations ported to the Xbox 360 and PS3? Do you think this is a smart move by Capcom?

Source: Exophase

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