Survive the New 'Resident Evil: Revelations' Trailer

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The premier trailer for Resident Evil: Revelations for the Nintendo 3DS has just been released by Capcom.

Revelations appears to spin-off of Resident Evil 5 - though, the trailer doesn't offer much specifics on the story. Judging by an old-school zombie (pre-Las Plagas) that appears in the trailer, one could assume that  the game takes place before the events of Resident Evil 4.

Sadly, the trailer is solely CGI cutscenes and does not show any 3D zombie killing action. There are only quick cuts showing off two of the games locations, an oil tanker and the Spencer Mansion - familiar to many Resident Evil fans.

Revelations seems to be headed back to the Resident Evil roots. Most of the scenes are dark and shadowy - as opposed to RE 5's mostly daylight action settings. The quick view of the shuffling zombies, and most importantly the classic duo of Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, give me hope for the direction Revelations will take the franchise. Especially considering the fact that the trailer ends with Redfield and Valentine aiming their guns at each other. Why the sudden animosity between the two?

Check out the trailer:


The biggest question that remains (at least for me) - can we get a full Resident Evil experience on a hand held device?

There is currently is no release date set for Resident Evil: Revelations, although it is expected to be a launch title for the release of the Nintendo 3DS in 2011.

So are you guys ready to experience horror in 3D? What would you like to see in Resident Evil: Revelations?

Source: Capcom

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