Earlier this year, survival horror fans were given a real treat when Resident Evil 7 brought the classic zombie slaying franchise into the modern era with a bang. Now, Capcom has offered some more details regarding its plans to release a remastered version of Resident Evil: Revelations before the end of the summer.

Resident Evil: Revelations made its debut in 2012, and was originally exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS. It was well-received upon its release, and ultimately ended up being ported to home consoles, and eventually was followed by a sequel that took full advantage of non-portable hardware.

Obviously, Resident Evil: Revelations Remastered will offer up all the graphical improvements brought about by the game’s previous HD re-release. However, the package will also contain all the DLC that was released in support of the original game, including the Resistance Set and the Enhancement Set of weapons issued for use in the game’s popular Raid mode, as well as costumes for Lady Hunk and Rachel Ooze.


Raid mode is also getting some brand new content that wasn’t available in the original version of the game. There’s set to be a new “chaos” version of its final stage, Ghost Ship, which is widely considered to be the highlight of the┬ámode.

Ghost Ship is set in a tweaked version of the vessel from the game’s campaign, which offers players multiple routes and end points in a semi-open layout. There’s even an optional boss that can be discovered at the end point that’s most deviously tucked away in its depths. The new variant of this map will likely up the difficulty even further, which should be a great endgame challenge for seasoned players.

At the bargain price of just $20, Resident Evil: Revelations Remastered should help see fans of the series through until its next instalment, which looks likely to be the long-gestating remake of Resident Evil 2.

Resident Evil: Revelations Remastered is set to launch for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on August 31, 2017.

Source: NeoGAF