Resident Evil: Revelations PS4 and Xbox One Gameplay Revealed


About a couple of months ago, Capcom revealed that its 2012 survival-horror release for the Nintendo 3DS, Resident Evil: Revelations, would be coming to PS4 and Xbox One, and now the publisher and developer is further backing up its announcement by revealing official gameplay footage of the title ported onto the platforms. The current-gen ports for the game are set to launch in Japan on August 31, and in Europe and North America at some point this fall.

As seen in the gameplay videos below, it's evident that the survival-horror title wasn't originally meant to be played on this current crop of consoles, but even so, Capcom seems to have taken great care to update the visuals Resident Evil: Revelations for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as the graphics and frame rate appear to be top-notch. Plus, putting the game on the systems will give some fans who have never had a chance to try the titles out the ability to give it a go.

For those unaware, this isn't the first instance of Capcom porting Resident Evil: Revelations from the Nintendo 3DS onto other systems. As a matter of fact, after its initial release in 2012, the survival-horror game was then ported to PC, PS3, Wii U, and Xbox 360. Considering the wide amount of platforms it's going to be available on after its next updated version this year, perhaps Capcom will consider making a Nintendo Switch version of the game.

All things considered, Capcom deciding to bring Resident Evil: Revelations onto the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is going to be a win for both fans and the company alike, as it will give players on the platforms a solid, but often overlooked entry in the survival-horror franchise, and will earn the publisher and developer some additional revenue. Should sales for the title do well, then perhaps Capcom would contemplate making even more Resident Evil ports in the future.

Resident Evil: Revelations' PlayStation 4 and Xbox One port is set to launch in Japan on August 31, 2017, and in Europe and North America at some point this fall.

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