As one of Capcom’s most successful and well-known franchises, Resident Evil is just one few game that can be counted on to always make a profit. Perhaps that’s why Capcom plans to bring Resident Evil: Revelations to the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Originally released for the 3DS earlier this year, Resident Evil: Revelations (or Revelaitons, as some may remember it) was met with warm critical reception and fan praise. Unlike Resisdent Evil 6, the game hearkened back to the series’ origins, rather than the all out action RE6 become infamous for. However, as the game was only available on the 3DS, many fans were left out unless they bought a new, unproven handheld. That is, until now.

According to the Korean ratings board, Resident Evil: Revelations is set for a PS3/Xbox 360 release. Siliconera reports that Revelations uses Capcom’s MT Framework, a variant of the Dragon’s Dogma engine. This would make an HD port all the more feasible – and likely quite cost effective for Capcom. Strangely enough, there is no word on a Wii U release. With Revelations originally a 3DS exclusive, it would be hard to imagine Capcom ignoring Nintendo’s latest platform, though that does appear to be the case.

Resident Evil Revelations Xbox 360 PS3

This wouldn’t be the first time Capcom has brought originally Nintendo exclusive games to the HD twins. Earlier this year, Capcom re-released the Wii-exclusive Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles on PS3 (read our review). The question is of course, why bring Revelations to the PS3/Xbox 360? The Umbrella Chronicles re-release made sense due to the nature of the game (both games make use of the Wiimote and Move); however, as a handheld title it’s quite strange that the game isn’t receiving a Vita re-release, as the platforms share more in common.

Perhaps this is Capcom’s way of trying to make up for Resident Evil 6. The game sold quite a bit; however critically it was a disaster (read our review) with a current Metacritic score of 67. Fans – who had already taken issue with Resident Evil 5 – clearly aren’t happy with the way the series is progressing, and its likely that Capcom is trying to earn some good will. After all, releasing a “true” Resident Evil game could earn them back the trust of an already wavering fanbase.

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Source: Siliconera