Pitted between the narrative frames of Resident Evil 4 and 5, Resident Evil: Revelations was originally released as an exclusive for the Nintendo 3DS on February 7, 2012. You can read our full review here (we gave it a 3.5 out of 5), but arguably it turned out to be the most redeeming addition to the Resident Evil franchise last year after the October lemon that was Resident Evil 6. Perhaps that’s why Capcom is granting it new life on consoles and the PC this May.

Rumors of Resident Evil: Revelations console candidature began last November — a Korean ratings board listed Revelations as a pending Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 release — and a port seemed imminent when Xbox 360 achievements for the gameleaked this January. Today Capcom chimed in with the official confirmation, dating Revelations for a May 21, 2013 release on the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and PC. Same-day digital downloads will be available for $49.99 on the PS3 and PC, with 360 and Wii U online editions arriving later.

And while Capcom’s announcement is hardly a new revelation, it may well feel like a new Revelations that releases console-wide. Just look at the brand new trailer in the header above, or at the new screenshots and details regarding the game assembled below.

According to Capcom, Revelations will be afforded all of the usual console/PC-port upgrades: “high-quality HD visuals,” “enhanced lighting effects,” “an immersive sound experience.” Interestingly, though, the publisher also promises to introduce a “terrifying new enemy.” Resident Evil: Revelations, even in handheld form (and unlike Resident Evil 6), was a game that embraced the calculated-movement/ammo-scarcity/puzzle-solving survival horror roots of the series, and a new opponent — perhaps one more cunning or dynamic, better suited for the physics of a console — could stand to enhance that. Additional features outlined by Capcom include an extra difficulty mode, and improvements to Raid Mode such as “new weapons, skill sets and the opportunity to play as Hunk and other characters from the series.”

At the very least the offerings are decent place to start; handheld-to-PC-and-console porting is never an easy task. We’ll be waiting to see more of Resident Evil: Revelations in its HD action, and hope that 2013 can mark a better year for the uncharacteristically anguished series.

Have you played Resident Evil: Revelations on the Nintendo 3DS? How intrigued are you by its forthcoming console release?

Resident Evil: Revelations releases on May 21, 2013 for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and PC.

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