First Run of 'Resident Evil: Revelations' Box Art Ships With Typo

Resident Evil Revelations Box Art Typo

As anyone who has written more than a few sentences whilst under the influence can attest, spell check is your friend. Often times a simple spell or fact check can help alleviate a lifetime of embarrassment, and sometimes it can save a company a little money. If only Capcom had used spell check when printing the cover for next month's Resident Evil: Revelations.

As store shelves begin to fill with copies of the 3DS' next showpiece, many will notice a slight misspelling with the game's title, a misspelling first brought to our attention by critics who procured an early review copy of the game. On those game boxes, the game is titled 'Resident Evil: Revelaitons' not Resident Evil: Revelations.

Now I'm all for clever titling of games, like F.3.A.R. or what have you, but when it's done by accident it makes one wonder about the QA department at the respective company. For those who might be curious about the status of this forsaken box art, Capcom has confirmed it will ship with all copies printed during the first production run, a moderate snafu to say the least.

Resident Evil Revelations Misspelled Box Art

It's not unheard of for little changes to be made to box art though — Madden switched Brett Favre's cover jersey back in 2009 — so we'd expect Capcom to create some sort of replacement, whether it be printable or can be ordered through Capcom, by the time the game officially releases. Of course, in the off chance Resident Evil: Revelations and the 3DS go down as a thing of legend, I'd suggest holding onto the misspelled cover art just in case.

Box Art mistake aside, Resident Evil: Revelations still sits as the must-have 3DS title for early 2012, right there along with Kid Icarus: Uprising (a surprising amount of colons in games these days, don't you think?). Our experience with the game's demo, a first for Nintendo's new handheld, showed a lot to like, and made us hungry for more.

Do you think a box art misspelling like this is that big of a deal? Can something as insignificant as a misplaced letter keep you from buying the game?

Resident Evil: Revelations releases February 7, 2012 for the Nintendo 3DS.

Source: Dan Ackerman


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