'Resident Evil: Revelations' Receives $10 Price Drop Before Launch

Resident Evil Revelations On Sale

3DS owners are all anxiously anticipating the release of Resident Evil: Revelations, and understandably so. Not only does the game reintroduce players to the more horror-filled atmosphere found in the older games, but it's a new freaking Resident Evil game that's exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS. The only problem fans really had with that game was that it was going to cost them $49.99 ($10 more than a standard 3DS game).

Capcom's reasoning for this noticeable spike in price was blamed on the game needing a 4GB game cart, because it was simply too large to fit on the traditional 2GB cart. The developer allegedly scrambled for a means to bring Resident Evil: Revelation's price down to rival that of its competitors, and they've done it just in time for its February 7th release date.

As of this writing, the updated price point is only for the U.S., but other areas should be receiving a similar discount in the very near future. If you already pre-ordered the game — and paid for it in advance — then Capcom has suggested contacting the retailer you've pre-purchased the game from to get some of your hard-earned dough back.

Anyone who was on the fence regarding the $50 price tag on Resident Evil: Revelations (or Resident Evil: Revelaitons for some) now has a little more incentive for nabbing a copy. It also instantly shuts down other companies from believing they can get away with raising the price of their 3DS games, so this is great news for not only RE fans, but gamers in general.

The hands-on time we've had with the official Resident Evil: Revelations demo (which is available now on the 3DS' eShop) were more than promising, so we have high hopes for the final product. In the meantime, try to think of all the things you can do with those ten additional dollars in your pocket... Nice, huh?

Resident Evil: Revelations arrives for the Nintendo 3DS on February 7, 2012.

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Source: Capcom

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