'Resident Evil 1' Re-Remastered For Current & Last-Gen Consoles

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Although 2015 is set deliver a wide range of long-awaited sequels (Halo 5) and new IPs (The Order 1886), a lot of the excitement in the console scene this year has surrounded the development and release of HD remakes. Last week's release of The Last of Us was one the PS4's most enticing pieces of software so far and in November Halo: The Master Chief Collection is aims to offer another positive spike in Xbox One sales. The trend of remakes will continue in early 2015 with a franchise that is no stranger to HD remakes, but this time the source material will be more than a year or two old...

Resident Evil changed the world of interactive survival horror and scared the hell out of most of us back in 1996 with its bizarre locked in camera angles and awkward controls. Despite improvements to mechanics that were made in future installments in the franchise, the original is still an amazing experience to revisit. In 2002, Capcom gave gamers a chance to do so without plugging in a PlayStation with an HD GameCube rerelease. In 2015, that remastered edition will be, uh, remastered, and released for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

The 2015 cross-platform digital release will  feature full 1080p visuals, support for 5.1 surround sound audio (necessary for maximum terror), and the ability to pick between playing in the original 4:1 ratio or switching to 16:9.

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Along with the fresh coat of paint, the new port will include all the same improvements that the GameCube version brought to the table in 2002, including new mechanics, improvements to puzzle design, and removal of a few bugs. The new version will also offer players the ability to choose between the classic control style and an updated mapping that might be a little more user friendly.

Sorry Nintendo fans, but there is no mention of a Wii U port at this point. That's definitely sad news considering the port is an updated version of a classic GameCube game, but it is possible one will be announced later. The GameCube rerelease did eventually receive a Wii port, so some Nintendo fans have had the chance to replay the classic during the last console generation. More information about the rerelease is sure to arrive as 2015 approaches, so check back for updates.

Are you excited to revisit Resident Evil after a visual facelift or are you getting sick of HD remakes? Let us know in the comments.


Resident Evil HD will be released in 2015 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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