‘Resident Evil’ Creator: PS4 & Xbox One Specs Now ‘Almost Identical’

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With less than a month until the PS4 and Xbox One hit store shelves, both Sony and Microsoft have presumably finalized specs for their respective consoles. They’ve dotted the t’s and crossed the i’s and are prepared to unleash the next-gen experience on the world.

However, despite some differences in price, release date, and launch exclusives, it turns out that the next-gen experiences each console is slated to deliver are not that different. In fact, now that developers have had plenty of time with each, it’s become clear that the Xbox One and the PS4 are a lot alike.

While developers will be able to leverage each console in different ways, the major differences between the devices are apparently negligible. Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami, for example, says that “there is no real difference between them,’ and thinks that the idea of two competing consoles doesn’t make much sense. At first, he says, the two consoles were quite different in terms of specs, but Microsoft’s Xbox One has caught up and now they are “almost identical.”

“There’s no real difference between them. We only need one console. Why do I have to make two versions of a game? And when Xbox One was first announced it had lower specs than PS4, but now they’re almost identical. So either will do.”

Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune echoed Mikami’s sentiments saying, “I don’t think there’s a major difference between them.” He acknowledged that there might be some nuance to each next-gen console — being able to do one thing better than another — but those differences will be negligible as far as games are concerned.

“I don’t think there’s a major difference between them. f you get down to the tiny details then maybe each is better at one thing than the other, but it doesn’t really impact the way you make a game. It’s not like PS4 or Xbox One are particularly hard to develop for. Quite the opposite: you can make whatever you want on either one, and that should be enough for anyone.”

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Inafune also added that the Xbox One and PS4 are fairly easy to develop for, which is a major leap forward for Sony, whose PS3 was somewhat difficult to develop for. By all accounts thus far, it appears that both the Xbox One and PS4 more closely mirror mini-PCs than their predecessors.

Although the two next-gen consoles might be similar in spec, the fact of the matter is one console, the PS4, has gained substantially more traction than its competitor. Moreover, the price point and policies that Sony has outlined provide an even greater draw for the PS4.

Sure, Microsoft reversed on their more restrictive policies, but the damage was seemingly done by talk of used games and Internet connection requirements. Parity between consoles rarely involves specs these days, but is focused purely on the public perception. So, while Inafune and Mikami see no incentive to go one way or the other, and even think there should only be one next-gen console, gamers apparently feel differently.

There’s only a few weeks left until both consoles are available, at which time we’ll really be able to see how consumers respond.

Do you think that most gamers look at the Xbox One and PS4 as comparable next-gen consoles, or do they see one as being superior? Which console do you plan to pick up first?

The PS4 releases November 15, 2013 and the Xbox One releases November 22, 2013.

Source: EDGE

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