New Resident Evil Game Reveal Set for Next Month

new resident evil game

Capcom has announced plans to show off a new Resident Evil game at Tokyo Game Show next month, with attendees also given the opportunity to play the upcoming project. With only a brief tease to go on, it’s unclear what the game is, but Capcom is labeling it Project Resistance, with an emphasis on the “RE.”

Fans will get their first look at Project Resistance when Capcom unveils a trailer on September 9th. Then, Project Resistance will be part of a stage show that runs throughout Tokyo Game Show, starting on September 12th and concluding on the 15th. TGS attendees will also get a chance to go hands-on with Project Resistance by registering in advance.

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Fans have known for a while now that Capcom has been testing some form of Resident Evil game through its Ambassadors program. Speculation has oscillated between this project being another Resident Evil remake, likely Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, and a fully blown Resident Evil 8 sequel.

A reveal for Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Remake seems a bit premature considering that the Resident Evil 2 Remake only just released earlier this year. Yes, a lot of the frame work for the game has already been established, but RE 2 Remake was a lot more than a basic graphical upgrade. The game boasts new visuals using the Resident Evil 7 engine, a modernized combat system, and even a few new twists.

The other possibility for this Project Resistance reveal is that it is Resident Evil 8, a true mainline entry in the series. It has been two years since the release of Resident Evil 7, which is a decent amount of time for there to be discussions of a follow-up.

Resident Evil 8 is arguably the more intriguing prospect because no one knows where the series is headed next. It’s possible that the game will pick up with Ethan but it feels like his story was sufficiently concluded.

There was also a Chris Redfield tease at the very end of Resident Evil 7, but Capcom followed up on that through the Not a Hero DLC. Resident Evil fans love their main protagonists and after the first person approach of 7 worked so well, they undoubtedly would love to see how that can adapt to a more canonical storyline.

It might not be the most eye-catching possibility, but there is a high potential that Project Resistance is some form of multiplayer project set within the Resident Evil world. The use of the Insiders program suggests there is some form of multiplayer or cooperative element to the game, and the Project Resistance label doesn’t scream “mainline Resident Evil game.” This could very easily be a game in a similar vein to Operation Raccoon City, which was not well received by fans and critics.

Either way, Project Resistance is getting an official reveal in a couple of weeks. Fans can keep speculating until then, but there are a lot of intriguing possibilities for what the project might be.

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