The 5 Most Powerful Bosses In The Resident Evil Games (& The 5 Weakest)

The Resident Evil series contains some of the greatest boss fights in gaming history. Each game in the series offers some incredible boss fights, and it seems like every single one is crazier and more imaginative than the last. However, that doesn't necessarily make them harder.

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As most gamers know, an easy boss can be a major disappointment. Luckily, the series offers its fair share of challenging boss battles as well, and these have the power to make your palms sweat and your heart race. These are the ten most powerful bosses in the Resident Evil games (and the five weakest).

10 Powerful - The Nemesis

Yeah, it doesn't get much more powerful than the Nemesis. The Nemesis T-Type was the primary antagonist of Resident Evil 3, as it was deployed to eliminate STARS members who could expose Umbrella's illicit activities. T

he Nemesis was a literally unstoppable villain, and Jill was forced to run every time she encountered it. It eventually ballooned into a massive, tentacled creature, and it takes a literal nuclear explosion to bring it down.

9 Weakest - Uroboros Mkono

Uroboros Mkono has one weakness - fire. Well, two weaknesses if you count explosions, but really, pretty much anything is vulnerable to explosions! Luckily, the area around this boss is littered with flammable gas canisters, allowing you easy access to both explosions and fire!

You can also easily torch it with the flamethrower if you don't want to mess around with that. Better yet, you can obliterate the Uroboros Mkono with one simple rocket from the rocket launcher. Now that's what we call an easy boss fight!

8 Powerful - Mr. X/T-00

Mr. X was a precursor to the Nemesis. It was airlifted into Raccoon City to retrieve the G-virus sample, and this meant that both Claire and Leon had to do battle with the unstoppable foe. Much like the Nemesis, Mr. X is quite literally unstoppable, and you are forced to run every time you encounter it.

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By the end of the game, it transforms into its Super Tyrant form, and it's only defeated once it receives a rocket launcher directly to the face. Both it and the Nemesis are the Terminators of the Resident Evil franchise.

7 Weakest - Ultimate 8

Despite its massive frame and intimidating appearance, the Ultimate 8 is a walk in the park. This is a bioweapon sent to kill both Chris and Sheva, and it attacks them once they are on the revolving elevator.

Luckily for both Chris and Sheva, the Ultimate 8 had weak, unprotected legs for some bizarre reason, and it allowed the humans to easily overpower it. Once that was done, all it took was some explosives to destroy its head. Why they design bioweapons with such blatant and ridiculous weaknesses and design flaws is beyond us.

6 Powerful - T-078

The T-078 is an even more powerful version of the Tyrant, and it makes a rather frustrating appearance in Code Veronica. You experience the unstoppable T-078 on Rockfort Island, as it was sent to kill both Claire and Steve Burnside.

It's Super Tyrant form on the airplane is especially challenging, and unlike the other two powerful villains so far mentioned, it likely doesn't even die! Claire is forced to send a cargo crate careening into it, which sends the T-078 toppling from the plane. While that's the last we see of it, we doubt that the fall actually killed it.

5 Weakest - Proto Tyrant

Proto Tyrant Resident Evil

We've talked a lot about the powerful Tyrants, but let's discuss the wussies. The Proto Tyrant is quite a weak and easily-defeated foe, which is understandable considering its name! The boss battle is quite easy, provided you keep your distance and avoid its elongated right claw.

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While it put up a fair fight, it was easily killed once the Umbrella Training Facility self-destructed. Compared to all the other Tyrants throughout the series, this one was pitiful.

4 Powerful - Mendez

While Mendez wasn't the primary antagonist of Resident Evil 4, he was arguably the most threatening. For one thing, he is very tall and incredibly strong. He is even able to pick Leon up by his neck and could have strangled him if he wanted to. He can also bend metal.

When Leon attempts to kill him with an exploding petrol barrel, he only mutates into a stronger and more grotesque version of himself, complete with talons, extra limbs, and an elongated torso. Severing him in half doesn't even do anything. He puts up a fantastic fight, that's for sure.

3 Weakest - Ricardo Irving

Ricardo Irving is much like the Ultimate 8 - all bluster and physical intimidation with little to back it up. Being unable to shake his pursuers, Irving intentionally decides to mutate himself and changes to some type of giant sea monster. While the sea monster is certainly physically intimidating, it doesn't take much to bring it down.

You simply need to shoot the convenient glowing bits with some rockets, shoot his tentacles with a conveniently-located Gatling gun, and finally shoot Ricardo himself when he makes an appearance. It sounds like a lot, but it really isn't, and the entire fiasco is over in about five minutes. Yawn.

2 Powerful - Jack Baker

Jack Baker is like the human form of the Tyrants - quite literally unstoppable and able to morph into grotesque versions of itself. He survives being burned alive in a car and a suicidal shot to his head.

Once those wounds heal, his upper body is literally blown apart, leaving behind a pair of walking legs. Following that, he mutated into a massive monstrosity with multiple limbs and eyeballs, and it was finally Ethan's serum that put an end to his protracted and seemingly endless life.

1 Weakest - Ndesu

The Ndesu is clearly inspired by the El Gigante from Resident Evil 4. Only, like in most sequels, it's bigger and badder. Only, it isn't, really. Despite obliterating most of the BSAA unit, both Chris and Sheva quite easily defeated it using a truck's machine gun turrets.

It's also very convenient that the Ndesu spouts various Plagas as it sustains injuries, further leading to its easy defeat. Seriously, what is with the super obvious weaknesses in these enemies!?

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