PlayStation Store Resident Evil Sale Discounts Almost Every Game in Series

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The Resident Evil games, beloved by many, are getting some serious love on the PlayStation Store. In the midst of the PlayStation Store's Villains Takeover Sale, ending May 7, 2019, the spotlight has now been shone on one of gaming's most prominent horror franchises. As the majority of games in the series' history are available for download on the digital store, there is a deal going that provides discounts on a vast number of Resident Evil games.

In conjunction with the Golden Week Sale on the PlayStation Store, the Resident Evil 2 remake has been discounted. At 25% off for standard PS4 users, the game is priced $44.99, though for PlayStation Plus subscribers, the game is 33% off at $40.19. Having been given a 4.5/5 by Game Rant, Resident Evil 2 has set a remarkable precedent for both remakes and horror games to come.

Seemingly the odd one out in the series for its first-person perspective, Resident Evil 7 offers a 40% off discount for normal PS4 users, making the game $17.99 for them. For PS Plus subscribers, who can buy the game at 50% off, the discount price is $14.99. Like Resident Evil 2Resident Evil 7 received a 4.5/5 from Game Rant. At the time of its release, we said that, in its reinvention, Resident Evil 7 provides a "truly outstanding experience" regardless of whether "you’re a fan of the horror genre or otherwise."

Resident Evil 4Resident Evil 5, and Resident Evil 6, normally priced at $19.99 each, have also been discounted at 50% off for standard PS4 owners, giving the game a $9.99 digital price tag. For PS Plus subscribers, these games have been given a 60% discount, making them $7.99 each. For those without all three games, the Resident Evil Triple Pack, normally $59.49, is $29.74 with a 50% discount, though PS Plus users can purchase the pack with a 60% discount for $23.79. While Resident Evil 4 is certainly the highlight of the three, they are all enjoyable experiences, even if Resident Evil 6 changed the formula a bit too much for many.

PlayStation Store Resident Evil Sale Highlights

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It appears that, in tandem with the PlayStation Store's Golden Week Sale and Villains Takeover Sale, these discounts on Resident Evil games will be lasting until May 7, 2019. If you're a horror fan in need of some frights, look no further than these sales because the series has produced some of the most defining experiences for the video game horror genre.

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