Resident Evil Origins Collection Announced

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Capcom has a tendency to re-release their classic games quite excessively, sometimes multiple times in a single console generation. In fact, we just recently received the Mega Man Legacy Collection, which brought six of the Blue Bomber’s classic adventures together under one umbrella. Now Capcom has turned their attention to another one of their franchises, and have announced plans to release the Resident Evil Origins Collection.

Fans of classic survival-horror should pay attention, as the Resident Evil Origins Collection will collect both Resident Evil HD Remaster and the upcoming HD remaster of Resident Evil Zero.

Releasing on January 19th, the Resident Evil Origins Collection lacks official pricing information as of yet, but it will likely retail for $40. Unfortunately for last-generation and PC gamers, Resident Evil Origins Collection will only be available for PS4 and Xbox One. It will mark the only opportunity for PS4 and Xbox One owners to own physical copies of the classic games, though they will also be available for separate digital purchase.

Along with the announcement of the Resident Evil Origins Collection, Capcom also revealed a brand new game mode for Resident Evil Zero. Called Wesker Mode, it replaces Rebecca’s previous male protagonist counterpart, Billy Coen, with the dastardly Albert Wesker.

Wesker will come with his own costumes as well as unique abilities similar to the ones showcased in his Code Veronica and Resident Evil 5 appearances. Powered by uroboros, Wesker is capable of super strength as well as super speed, comically blasting by Rebecca while they are exploring the areas of the game together.

Of course, this means that the Wesker Mode is non-canon. After all, Wesker didn’t obtain his abilities until after the events of the Mansion Incident, and he also wasn’t palling around with Rebecca during her terrifying prequel adventure. Still, it should be fairly amusing, and offers veterans of Resident Evil Zero something new to do when the game releases early next year.

Resident Evil Origins Trailer - Resident Evil Zero James Marcus

The Resident Evil Origins Collection should come as no surprise to fans of the franchise and Capcom. After all, the company has said that they will be making HD remasters a priority moving forward, as their efforts have proving to be quite fruitful.

This Resident Evil Origins Collection seems like it will be a great purchase for fans of the series and for those that are trying to get into Resident Evil for the first time. It’s good to see Capcom supporting the classic Resident Evil style of gameplay with these HD remasters and the Origins Collection, as there are too few survival-horror games in recent years that cater to fans of the classics. Hopefully this respect for classic survival-horror will continue with the Resident Evil 2 remake.

Resident Evil Origins Collection is due for release on January 19th for PS4 and Xbox One. The HD version of Resident Evil Zero still has a vague release date of early 2016, but smart money says that it will be available on the same day as the collection.

Source: IGN