'Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City' Triple Impact Cinematic Trailer

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Triple Threat Trailer

The much anticipated Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is nearly here, and with just about two months to go before the big release Capcom has a brand new, almost six-minute, fully cinematic trailer of awesomeness to bestow upon the eyes of gamers everywhere. Learn who the Umbrella Secret Service officers are, and what they are up against in order to hide the truth behind the Raccoon City incident.

The first details for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City were handed out nearly a year ago, leaving fans curious about the development of the story within the canon of the franchise. Players will now be switching sides to Team Umbrella in order to conceal the true nature of the outbreak. This may come as a shock to those loyal to the Resident Evil franchise, but to some this may come as a refreshing take on the series — even the producers of Operation Raccoon City believe this is for a new audience.

Vector, Spectre, Beltway, Four Eyes, Lupo and Bertha are the six USS officers that gamers will have at their disposal, each with their own special abilities which are showcased in this trailer. The "Triple Impact" trailer is very accurately titled as viewers will see that the USS officers will face opposition from three sides: Raccoon City Police, the infected and Bio-Organic Weapons, and the U.S. Government Special Operations Task Force.

This very action-oriented trailer demonstrates how well a zombie apocalypse could be handled by a band of highly skilled special forces unit. Check out the Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City "Triple Impact" trailer below:


Bits and pieces of the footage seen throughout this new trailer have been shown before in the previous Operations Raccoon City trailer. Half of "Triple Impact" may lead players who haven't been following the game to believe that the US Spec Ops team will be playable characters, but this is Umbrella's story. Gamers must protect the secret of the corporation while hunting down some of Resident Evil's most famous protagonists, including Leon S. Kennedy. A previous gameplay trailer for RE: Operation Raccoon City can also be seen relating to a lot of the material shown in "Triple Impact."

Ranters, with the release creeping up, will RE:ORC be a game you look forward to purchasing?

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City will be be on shelves March 20, 2012, for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.


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