'Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City' Achievements List

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Achievements List

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City won't be just a walk in the park. Fans of the Resident Evil series curious about the game's achievements list will be able to rest at peace if they died tomorrow because the complete list for both its campaign and online components have been revealed.

Of course this isn't just any player's grandfather's Resident Evil game. In Operation Raccoon City the tables have turned and gamers will be switching teams to play for the Umbrella Corporation, able to change events of Resident Evil's history, which should make for an interesting line-up of achievements.

There are currently 40 out of the 50 achievements (885 out of 1000 points) listed to date that are visible; the remaining 115 points come from ten hidden unlisted achievements.

The in-game achievements tie in nicely to the multiplayer modes that were revealed recently. And seeing the latest cinematic trailer for Operation Raccoon City pretty much demonstrated how much chaos the Umbrella Secret Service will be getting themselves into; making the achievements that much more difficult and fun to unlock.

Seen below are just a sample of the achievements that gamers will come to obtain whence they start putting in some good playing time:

  • Witness (20) - Witness the beginning of the Raccoon City outbreak.
  • Down in the Labs (20) - Complete the sixth mission of the USS campaign.
  • Outbreak Survivalist (25) - Complete all U.S.S. missions on Veteran.
  • Raccoon City Cleanser (35) - Complete all U.S.S. missions on Professional.
  • Success (30) - Complete all U.S.S. missions with an S Rank.
  • Great Success (45) - Gain S+ on all U.S.S. mission on Professional/Veteran difficulty
  • No Sample For You (30) - Force 25 enemies to drop G-Virus Samples in Biohazard (lifetime).
  • Supreme Survivors (20) - In Survivors mode, have all four players on your team Survive the game.
  • Fallen Idols (30) - In Heroes mode, eliminate four Heroes in one game.
  • You Love to Hate my 98 (50) - Complete 98 Versus games
  • Tongue Tied (10) - Kill a Licker that is grappling a Teammate.
  • Like a Butterfly (15) - Kill 100 zombies with CQC (lifetime)
  • Green Thumb (25) - Heal with 101 Green Herbs (lifetime)
  • Down Boy (15) - Kill 13 zombie dogs (lifetime)
  • Ready To Dominate (20) - Fully upgrade all abilities for one character class.
  • So Many Choices (30) - Purchase all abilities for all character classes.
  • Epic Standards (40) - Upgrade all abilities for all characters to its maximum level.
  • Organic Shield (20) - Kill 5 enemies consecutively while using a zombie as a shield.
  • Baker's Dozen (30) - Kill 13 zombified teammates.
  • So Hot Right Now (15) - Kill 103 enemies with incendiary rounds (lifetime)
  • Bloody Good Time (20) - Kill five enemies by causing Blood Frenzy in a single campaign game or multiplayer match.
  • Up Close and Personal (10) - Kill five players in one multiplayer game with CQC Kills.
  • Chaos Averted (5) - Kill an infected teammate with a headshot before they become a zombie in any mode.
  • Like a Bee (20) - Kill (10) enemy players in one Versus game with CQC.
  • Raccoon City Mascot (15) - Collect all seven Raccoons.

Check out Xbox360Achievements for the complete list of achievements that are available.

From the list, there appears to be be six big missions in the game as a member of the USS, each with the ability to learn abilities and upgrade them. Some of the achievements are not going to be easy to earn, like the CQC kills or finishing the campaign with an S Rank.

Operation Raccoon City is one of Game Rant's most anticipated games of the 2012 so be sure to keep a lookout for this game when it hits shelves! With just about two months before the release, don't forget to check out the pre-order bonuses!

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City will be available for the PS3 and Xbox 360 on March 20 in North America.


Source: Xbox360Achievements (via Eurogamer)

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