With the conclusion of the Resident Evil film series, it’s reasonable to assume that Capcom may be looking into rebooting the movies or creating a TV series based on its survival-horror franchise. Considering this, it’s hard to fault fans for falling for a fake poster making the rounds that suggests a Resident Evil Netflix series is already in the works, with fall 2017 its supposed release date.

The fake Resident Evil Netflix poster is convincing enough, featuring two large double doors covered in spiderwebs and a general visual aesthetic reminiscent of the series. However, a user on Reddit pointed out that the poster is actually an edited poster originally made for Disney’s Eddie Murphy film The Haunted Mansion.

By comparing the posters, it’s clear that the supposed Resident Evil Netflix poster is just a flipped, zoomed-in version of The Haunted Mansion poster, with much of the color removed to give it a grittier look. Whoever created the poster did a good job making it look like something fans would see on the Baker family plantation in Resident Evil 7 or like a building players would explore in one of the other Resident Evil games, so it’s not surprising that some fans were tricked by it.

No, Resident Evil Isn't Getting A Netflix Series - Resident Evil Netflix poster

No, Resident Evil Isn't Getting A Netflix Series - Disney The Haunted Mansion poster

The poster is pretty convincing by itself, but when placed next to The Haunted Mansion poster, it’s clearly fake. Now, even though the Resident Evil Netflix poster is fake, that doesn’t mean a Resident Evil TV series couldn’t materialize some day on Netflix, another streaming service, or on television. After all, a Castlevania series is in production at Netflix, so we’re already seeing a video game adaptation make its way to the streaming service.

If the Castlevania TV series is a success on Netflix, there’s a distinct possibility that the company will pursue other gaming projects. If Netflix has built a solid relationship with Konami from working on the Castlevania show, we may see the Metal Gear Solid movie pushed aside in favor of a Netflix series, for example. Netflix could also reach out to other gaming companies as well, especially ones that have shown a willingness to license their IP in the past, like Capcom.

Whether or not a Resident Evil Netflix series ever comes to pass remains to be seen. However, it’s safe to say that one is not currently in production at Netflix, and the poster making the rounds on the Internet claiming otherwise is fake.