Resident Evil Netflix Series: Everything We Know So Far

resident evil netflix series everything we know so far

Back in 2017, a convincing hoax was making the rounds on the Internet that claimed Netflix was making a Resident Evil TV series. However, the Resident Evil franchise did eventually makes its way to Netflix, with it confirmed earlier this year that the streaming giant is developing its very own Resident Evil TV series with Capcom.

Unfortunately, there's still a lot we don't know about the Resident Evil Netflix series. For example, not a single cast member has been announced yet, and an official plot synopsis also has yet to be released. However, with Netflix's adaptation of Castlevania earning critical acclaim and The Witcher series turning heads (though the latter is more based on the books than the video games), it has given fans hope that the company will do justice to the Resident Evil franchise, and so many are excited to learn more about the project.

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Here is everything we know about the Resident Evil Netflix series so far.

Plot Synopsis

resident evil netflix series everything we know so far

Deadline reporter Nellie Andreeva, who broke the news on the Resident Evil Netflix series earlier this year, has offered some insight on what to expect from the Resident Evil Netflix series in terms of plot. According to Andreeva, the Resident Evil Netflix series will look to "deepen the existing mythology" of the franchise, following the "basic premise" of the series. Furthermore, the Resident Evil Netflix series will give viewers an inside look at the Umbrella Corporation, and a world that that has been ravaged by the T-Virus outbreak.

What's still unknown at this point is if the Resident Evil Netflix series will try to adapt any of the storylines from the video games. It's safe to say fans would like to see the original Resident Evil game in the Spencer Estate recreated, and others may want to see Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield fight for their lives in Raccoon City in live-action. However, based on Andreeva's description, it sounds like the Resident Evil Netflix series will take place in a world where the T-Virus outbreak has already happened.

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Another big unknown when it comes to the Resident Evil Netflix series is who will play the main characters. To that end, we don't know who the main characters will even be in the Resident Evil Netflix series. Depending on where it falls in the Resident Evil timeline and based on Andreeva's plot description, we can see major Umbrella personnel playing a role in the show, like Albert Wesker, William Birkin, and more. However, having a show comprised almost entirely of villains seems strange, so hopefully we get to see S.T.A.R.S. members in action as well.

If the Resident Evil Netflix series decides to adapt the video games, then it will be interesting to see who will be chosen to play the franchise's biggest characters, like Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield, and the rest. It would be a treat for longtime Resident Evil fans to see their favorite characters adapted to television and portrayed more accurately than what we saw with the Resident Evil movie series, but it's all largely dependent on the plot of the show.

Release Date

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Another big unknown is the Resident Evil Netflix series release date. However, it seems safe to say that the show will be available on the streaming platform within the next couple of years. It hasn't actually started filming, but with Netflix having started its search for a showrunner earlier this year, it would be odd for its premiere date to be further out.

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What About the Movie Reboot?


Some fans may be confusing the Resident Evil Netflix series with the Resident Evil movie reboot. However, it's worth pointing out that the Resident Evil movie reboot and the Netflix show are two completely separate projects - as far as we know. It's possible that the Resident Evil Netflix series and the movie reboot will be set in the same cinematic universe, but that has yet to be confirmed or denied by anyone involved.

As for what the Resident Evil movie reboot will be about, it has been said that it's inspired by Resident Evil 7. Considering this, it seems safe to assume that the Resident Evil movie reboot will be ditching the over-the-top action that the previous films were known for in favor of being a pure horror experience. If it brings the dreadful Baker family to the big screen, it will have little trouble accomplishing that goal.

More on the Resident Evil Netflix series should come to light as more substantial progress is made on the show. We will update this article as more information on the Resident Evil Netflix show is revealed.

The Resident Evil Netflix series is in active development.

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Source: Deadline

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