Resident Evil is Getting Turned into a Bizarre Musical

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Whether it’s in North America or Asia, it is not uncommon for companies to turn to the stage when looking for new and lucrative ways to utilize a franchise. In the past, popular game series such as Phoenix Wright and Persona 4 have gotten the theater treatment, and fans come out in droves to see their favorite characters belt out a dramatic number while engaging in old-fashioned stage combat.

While dialogue-heavy games such as Phoenix Wright make some degree of sense as theater fodder, this logic doesn’t exactly apply to Capcom’s beloved zombie-centric series Resident Evil. But that hasn’t stopped the big wigs at Capcom from bringing Chris Redfield and company to the stage.

Biohazard, as Resident Evil is known overseas, has proven to be one of Capcom’s most endearing franchises, having spawned a popular movie series and games of varying qualities, some of which have gotten the remake treatment. Capcom is no stranger to the video-games-as-musical theater scene, and clearly felt as if Resident Evil was a perfect fit for the medium. The upcoming play, entitled Biohazard The Stage is set to open at the EX Theater Roppongi in Tokyo on the 22nd of October, where it will run through November 1st.

Far from just an all-singing, all-dancing adaption of the Resident Evil franchise, Biohazard The Stage is said to expand upon the beloved series and offer fans insight into the overarching story of the games. The story will be entirely original, and is said to be set at a college in Western Australia called Philosophy University. When a zombie outbreak hits the campus, the various students and faculty, including former zombie slayer Rebecca Chambers, of Philosophy University must fight to survive, aided by BSAA members Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans.

Resident Evil play cast

While much of the show remains shrouded in mystery, Capcom has released a video showing the actors and actresses of Biohazard The Stage preparing for opening day. The sneak peek highlights plenty of zombies, action, and gunplay, and also gives a short snippet of a peppy J-Pop song featured in the play entitled “Until The Last Shot.”

Hardcore Resident Evil fans contemplating making the trip out to Tokyo to see the limited-run show will need to bone up on their Japanese, as the website states that the show will be performed exclusively in the region’s native tongue.

While undoubtedly odd, Resident Evil’s jump to the stage is sure to interest fans that have tired of the series’ forays into episodic releases and spin-offs. The Resident Evil musical seems to be playing it relatively straight, which is disappointing for those hoping to finally hear the “Jill Sandwich” and “Master of Unlocking” songs they dreamed of.

Source: Biohazard The Stage