Resident Evil Movie Reboot Announced


Resident Evil: The Final Chapter may be the concluding installment in the Milla Jovovich-led film franchise. However, don't expect the series to go away just yet because there's a brand new Resident Evil reboot coming.

In a new announcement made to Variety by Martin Moszkowicz, chairman of the board at German production company Constantin Film, a reboot of the Resident Evil film franchise is currently in development. Moszkowicz revealed that the company, which own the rights to the Resident Evil film series, intend to produce a new original six-movie franchise but details about the project are scarce.

At the time of writing, it is not yet known who is attached to direct and to star in the reboot, as well as whether the new film series will fit into the established Resident Evil film universe or kick off a brand new narrative. While there's a possibility that Milla Jovovich could return to the series given that her character Alice is still alive at the end of The Final Chapter, the director's chair appears to be open for a new name as Paul W.S. Anderson, director of four of the six Resident Evil films, is currently busy working on a film adaptation of another Capcom game franchise, Monster Hunter.


It's not just the Resident Evil film franchise that is currently being worked on, as there are also plans for the future of the accompanying Resident Evil video game series. Having released Resident Evil 7 back in January, a slate of DLC is currently in the works for the critically-acclaimed horror game and will continue on throughout 2017. Beyond the post-launch support for Resident Evil 7, Capcom has also indicated that plans are already in motion for the development of Resident Evil 8, though nothing has been officially confirmed just yet.

It is perhaps no surprise that there are new Resident Evil films and games coming, given the success of each respective franchise. Despite mixed reviews, The Last Chapter was a box-office success, managing to gross over $300 million worldwide, while Resident Evil 7 proved to be a critical and commercial hit for Capcom since its launch four months ago. 

The Resident Evil film and video game franchise show no signs of slowing down just yet. So, it will be very interesting to see how the brand new reboot film series will fit into the Resident Evil universe, and how Resident Evil 8 will build on the momentum of Resident Evil 7.

The Resident Evil movie reboot is currently in production.

Source: Variety

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