The Resident Evil series has been a rather divisive one among gamers. Either you’re a fan of the cheesy zombie-shooting franchise, or you dislike it for the same reason. Whatever the case, one can’t deny that the series does help system sales – which would be especially useful for the still-new system, the Nintendo 3DS. However, if you were planning on getting Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, you may change your mind once you hear that you’ll be unable to delete your saved file on the game.

Yes, apparently there is a notice on the cartridge of Mercenaries 3D that says that saved files on the game cannot be reset. This is a problem if you buy the game used, as you’ll be stuck playing someone else’s game data, with all of the content unlocked for you, virtually defeating the purpose of playing the game to begin with.

Naturally, because this pretty much defeats the purpose of buying the game used, many have theorized that that is the reason behind inputting the feature, rather than having the traditional, deletable save files that almost every other game in existence has. Capcom has since come forward and claimed that isn’t the reason for using the feature – and that used game purchasing wasn’t a factor at all when they were making the game.

So why did they implement the control? Well, Capcom was anything but clear on the reasons. They talked about how the nature of the game ensured replayability for the sake of improving scores, and that content wouldn’t be removed in any way. In short, they didn’t say why.

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There must be some reason behind Capcom using such a limiting feature. What do you think? Why would Capcom implement a game feature like this? Is it enough to change your mind about buying the game?

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D will be out June 28th for the Nintendo 3DS.

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