Resident Evil: 10 Facts You Didn't Know About Leon Kennedy

Resident Evil is one of the oldest and most prosperous gaming franchises of all time. Intelligent, unpredictable, and collected, Leon S. Kennedy is a protagonist of Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 4, and Resident Evil 6. With so much hype surrounding the recent release of the Resident Evil 2 remake, there is much buzz surrounding Leon.

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Leon S. Kennedy tends to work alone, and we know very little about him. Perhaps this list will shed some light on the character who tends to play the loner-type in most games. These are 10 facts you didn't know about Leon S. Kennedy. Enjoy!

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10 His First Appearance Was In A Cancelled Version Of Resident Evil 2

In Resident Evil 1.5 (also known as Biohazard 1.5), Leon's appearance was slightly different to that of Resident Evil 2. Resident Evil 1.5 is a canceled game that was once going to be Resident Evil 2. Capcom was dissatisfied with the resulting product, so they scrapped the project near the end despite the risks. Moreover, Claire was not present in Resident Evil 1.5.

Instead, a character named Elza Walker was the other story choice. You can unlock Elza Walker's costume in Resident Evil 2 remake— which is an ode to the unreleased game. Leon S. Kennedy's first appearance was in Resident Evil 1.5 and not Resident Evil 2 as most people believe.

9 Leon's Job Has Changed Throughout The Resident Evil Series

When we were introduced to the character of Leon, it was surprising to see how much he contrasted with Chris Redfield. While Chris Redfield relies on brute strength and weapon mastery, Leon S. Kennedy is intelligent and uses his wits and the help of friends to solve his way out of situations.

In Resident Evil 2, Leon S. Kennedy was a police officer in the Raccoon Police Department. In Resident Evil 4, he became a secret service agent who worked for the president. There's no telling what Leon S. Kennedy could be doing in Resident Evil 8. That is if they include characters from previous games.

8 Leon Has Strong Feelings For Ada Wong

Impersonating a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent is highly illegal, so Ada Wong must have been getting paid a pretty penny for her work as a mercenary. Leon S. Kennedy maintains an uncanny relationship with Ada Wong throughout the series.

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For him to look the other way on Ada Wong's illegal acts shows the Leon S. Kennedy must be enamored of her. He doesn't even know if her real name is Ada Wong or if she is using an alias.

7 Leon Was Only A Rookie In Resident Evil 2

Despite being someone proficient with every weapon and more confident with his skills than veteran police officers, Leon was only a rookie in Resident Evil 2. Whether it's movies of video games, people love to root for the underdog.

The reality is that a rookie police officer wouldn't stand a chance against an outbreak of zombies or Tyrant (Mr. X). With that being said, Leon S. Kennedy had a heck of a first day on the job. It's one day of his career that he'll never forget.

6 Leon S. Kennedy Was A Bright Student At The Police Academy

Leon S. Kennedy graduated from the police academy at the top of his class. His remarkably high test scores are what made him an easy pick for the Raccoon City Police Department. Leon S. Kennedy decided to join the RPD after hearing about strange reports of grizzly murders in the area.

Carrying many of the characteristics of a fine police officer, Leon S. Kennedy lacked in experience but made up for it in knowledge. Since his first day on the job, he has vowed to stop the Umbrella Corporation wherever they appear.

5 He Is The Main Character Of Resident Evil 4

If you didn't get a chance to play one of the most ported games in the history of gaming, you must have been hiding under a rock. Resident Evil 4 is one of the best games of all time, and this is evidenced by the numerous lists who consider it a top ten.

The mansion particularly a must-play part of Resident Evil 4. Also, the storyline featuring Ada Wong makes Resident Evil 4 incredible. The blend of horrific elements and action was just right in Resident Evil 4, and with Leon Kennedy as the protagonist, we know that finesse is critical.

4 79% Of People Chose To Play As Leon First In Resident Evil 2

As detailed by, "In total, 1.985 million have so far played as Leon, while 1.05 million have played as Claire. 584,004 players have cleared the game as Leon, while 336,408 have done so as Claire."

Consistently in polls, Leon S. Kennedy ranks as the fan-favorite character in Resident Evil. Claire Redfield also ranks high, but Leon is favored. It's not surprising that 79% of players choose to play as Leon in the Resident Evil 2 remake.

3 Leon Fought Chris Redfield To Protect Ada Wong

Although many would agree Resident Evil 6 is one of the weakest entries in the Resident Evil franchise, it is worth playing for diehard fans who want to gather bits of the storyline. In one part of Resident Evil 6, Leon fought Chris to protect Ada Wong. Ada was working for Neo Umbrella, but Leon wanted to protect her anyway.

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The fought in hand-to-hand combat and drew firearms towards each other. Putting aside who's the bigger badass, Leon is willing to break all the rules for someone whose name he may or may not know.

2 The Voice Actor Who Voices Leon S. Kennedy Changes In Every Game

Unlike the Resident Evil movies, the game featured Leon S. Kennedy more than once. It would seem like a no-brainer to feature Leon (most people's favorite character), but the studio behind the Resident Evil movie franchise squandered its potential.

Notably, the voice actor behind Leon S. Kennedy has changed in every video game. Even the Resident Evil 2 voice actor is different from the one in Resident Evil 2 remake. Voice actors like Paul Haddad, Paul Mercier, Christian Lanz, Matthew Mercer, and Nick Apostolides have voiced Leon S. Kennedy.

1 Leon S. Kennedy Was One Of The First People To Know About Raccoon City's Zombie Apocalypse

When Leon Kennedy started in the Raccoon Police Department, he knew there were suspicious murders in the area, but did not know who or what. Raccoon City is a fictional city in the midwest of the United States.

At first, the Umbrella Corporation created a controlled outbreak that was contained in Resident Evil 2. Later, the Umbrella Corporation spread the virus to other areas of the world. In Resident Evil 4, Leon travels to a village in Europe to investigate a kidnapping.

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