10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Ada Wong In Resident Evil

Ada Wong is one of the most interesting characters in the Resident Evil franchise given how mysterious and powerful she is. No one, not even the main characters trust her as she constantly seems to be switching loyalties and willing to turn traitor at a moment's notice.

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Not a whole lot is known about her, but what fans have discovered through the games has provided an interesting glimpse into this shadowy character.

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10 Ada Wong Is Not Her Real Name

At the end of Resident Evil 3’s Epilogue Ada declares that she’s no longer Ada and she’s giving up that name. There’s been a lot of debate among the fan base whether she was announcing that she was giving up her life of secrecy or that particular pseudonym.

In either case, she continues operating in the shadows for the rest of the series and uses multiple names including Ada. It’s still open to interpretation, but it’s hard to imagine that she’d be utilizing her real identity given how many powerful enemies she has.

9 Early Life Is a Mystery

Not only is Ada’s real name largely a mystery, but everything about her life prior to the events of Resident Evil is a black hole. No one knows where she came from, who her parents were, or even what her ethnicity is given her name could be fake.

This allows her to be whoever she needs to be and keeps her enemies in the dark. It does cause a lot of distrust as she never allows anyone to get too close to her, but it serves her well for a life in the shadows. This results in fans wanting to know more about her, but also enjoying that her life is a mystery.

8 Scientist for Umbrella

Initially, in the production phase for Resident Evil 2, Ada was meant to be an Umbrella Corporation researcher named Linda. It’s unclear whether she would play a more passive or her familiar aggressive role, but due to story and art concept changes, Linda would slowly be morphed into the familiar Ada.

Some fans theorize that Linda would have been more of a mole for corporate espionage rather than a secret agent type like Ada. In the end, Ada has proven to be an incredibly popular character whereas Linda could’ve easily faded into the background and been forgotten.

7 Works For a Secret Organization

It’s hard to know exactly who she works for at any given time as she’s gone from working for a rival of the Umbrella corporation to Albert Wesker’s right hand to double-crossing him under orders from a third party.

By and large, fans have determined that she’s been working for a singular secret organization the entire time and all of her other employers have been part of missions or undercover operations. Pessimistic fans believe she may be a criminal working with the Connections from Resident Evil 7, whereas others believe we’ll never know the true identity of her employers.

6 Might Be Freelance

Because of how vague her true employers are some fans have come to believe that she might actually be a freelance operative, working for whoever suits her interests or can provide her the resources she needs. This would explain why her loyalties never seem tied to any one organization and she’s capable of bouncing between employers so freely.

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If this is true it means that Ada can never be truly trusted and is liable to turn against anyone she’s working with at a moment's notice. Depending on your perspective this could either be a fact about Ada’s mysterious life or just more speculation.

5 Personal Vendetta Against The Umbrella Corporation

Regardless of who she’s working for or if they’re yet another tier in her grand scheme of betrayals, there is one thing that guides and motivates most of her actions. For whatever reason Ada has a very strong and personal vendetta against the Umbrella Corporation and those who worked within the company.

Every employer, every mission, and every betrayal is designed to cause as much damage as possible to the Umbrella Corporation, it’s employees, and every spin-off organization. It’s possible the company had something to do with her parents or her past, but whatever is motivating her actions it's of paramount importance to her.

4 Bosses Fall For Her

Ada Wong is so effective at lying and manipulation that she’s convinced several of her previous employers that there was a serious relationship at some point. While working for the rival corporation to Umbrella Ada managed to develop a strong romantic relationship with John Clemens, the head researcher, as a means of obtaining company secrets.

Later she became involved with a man named Derek Simmons who was the right-hand man of Adam Benford who was the head of The Family who destroyed Raccoon City. His infatuation with Ada was so strong that when she betrayed him he recreated her using a woman named Carla Radames.

3 Carla Radames Was Her Replacement

Speaking of Carla, many fans aren’t entirely aware of how deep this process of becoming Ada was. Simmons was so obsessed he forced his head researcher on Project Ada (the effort to create an Ada that loved him) that he turned the experiments onto her, essentially turning Carla into Ada.

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The process was so effective and so deep that Carla for all intents and purposes ceased to exist and a more sinister version of Ada came into being. It was then that Ada was called in to kill her own doppelganger as Carla had become so intelligent and so powerful that only the real Ada could stop her.

2 Respects Leon

Some fans think that Ada has more romantic feelings for Leon, probably thanks in large part from the movies. But throughout the video game series it becomes apparent that while she doesn’t have feelings of love for him, there is a deep level of respect there.

Sure she kissed him at the end of Resident Evil 6 but it was more in line with her methods of manipulation that she’s employed on other men, like Derek Simmons.

1 Puts Her Life On The Line For Leon Constantly

Having said that, there are some feelings for Leon that transcend respect and creep more into levels of deep friendship and platonic love. Multiple times Ada has put her life on the line to ensure that Leon doesn’t die, such as fighting through zombie hordes to provide him with powerful weapons to fight bosses.

Some would argue this was to further her own agenda, but in Resident Evil 4 there were times when it would have been easier for her to let Leon die but instead chose to put herself and her mission on the line to save him. Some pessimists argue the secret organization she works for has an interest in keeping him alive and she doesn’t feel one way or the other about him. Guess the fans will have to wait and see.

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