New Resident Evil CG Film Inspired By First Game

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At Tokyo Game Show 2016, Capcom reveals more information about the upcoming CG film Resident Evil: Vendetta, which will be similar to the first Resident Evil game.

As promised, Capcom brought its biggest franchises to Tokyo Game Show 2016, including Resident Evil. Not only was Resident Evil represented by a brand new trailer for the next game in the series, but Capcom also offered more details on the upcoming CG film that will release at some point in 2017, revealing story details and two more main characters.

As previously announced, the CG film Resident Evil: Vendetta will star Leon S. Kennedy, but we now know he will be joined in his new adventure by series mainstays Chris Redfield and Rebecca Chambers. It seems as though the trio will be exploring a derelict mansion of some kind, which is fitting, as the film is said to be directly inspired by the first game in the series, despite its original storyline.

Unfortunately, further details on Resident Evil: Vendetta aren't available at this time. We aren't sure where exactly in the series timeline it takes place, but it's possible it is set between Resident Evil 6 and the upcoming first-person Resident Evil 7. If that's the case, fans may be able to expect Resident Evil: Vendetta to bridge the gap between the two games, and help to better connect Resident Evil 7 to the overarching series narrative.

New Resident Evil CG Film Based on First Game - Leon S. Kennedy Resident Evil: Vendetta
New Resident Evil CG Film Based on First Game - Leon S. Kennedy Resident Evil: Vendetta - Chris Redfield Resident Evil: Vendetta

With its first-person viewpoint and supernatural hillbillies in lieu of traditional zombies, there are some fans that are struggling to figure out how Resident Evil 7 is a Resident Evil game at all. If Vendetta does offer some answers, it could potentially help skeptical fans warm up to Resident Evil 7 and the big changes it is bringing to the series.

It wouldn't be the first time Capcom used a CG Resident Evil movie to further the plot of the video games. As some may recall, the end of Resident Evil: Degeneration, another CG film with Leon in the lead role, revealed how the Tricell Corporation obtained the virus samples necessary to start the events of Resident Evil 5. It's not out of the question that Resident Evil: Vendetta will do something similar to show how Marguerite Baker and her twisted family obtained their special powers.

Even if Resident Evil: Vendetta doesn't tie-in to Resident Evil 7, it could still be a solid film for fans of the series to enjoy. It will allow Resident Evil enthusiasts to revisit some of their favorite characters, and could help tide Leon S. Kennedy fans over until the Resident Evil 2 remake eventually finishes development.

The film Resident Evil: Vendetta will release in 2017.

Source: 4Gamer, Natalie (via Kotaku)

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