Capcom joins forces with UK-based Mexican street food vendors Cantina Carnitas to craft the ultimate Resident Evil burrito, which is chockfull of a mouth burning hot sauce dubbed the T-Virus.

Since establishing itself as the preeminent name in survival horror, Resident Evil has managed to parlay its success into a variety of mediums. The popular Capcom series has been turned into a series of movies, spin-off games, and even a stage play, and now Capcom is taking the franchise to the next logical step: the burrito.

Using video games to hawk foodstuffs is nothing new, with themed cafes regularly popping up throughout Japan and abroad, including a recent Metal Gear Solid café in Paris. Now, game-themed food has made its way to jolly old England, with Capcom UK joining forces with Hitchin-based Mexican street food vendor Cantina Carnitas to craft the ultimate burrito in honor of the beloved franchise.

While diehard fans may be wondering how Capcom missed the obvious “Jill Sandwich” recipe, the Resident Evil burrito is sure to set tongues wagging. In a video posted to Capcom UK’s YouTube channel dubbed “Cooking With Capcom,” Cantina Carnitas owners Matt and Jeff explain the process behind the themed meal.

Matt and Jeff, avid fans of Resident Evil, put serious thought into crafting the burrito. It all starts with two toasted tortillas fused together to create one mega-tortilla, before stuffing the monstrosity with red pepper rice, pork chorizo, black beans, cheese, guacamole, sour cream, and salsa.

Capcom Wrapcom Flyer

While this may not sound particularly Resident Evil-y, Cantina Carnitas included a few key touches to connect the burrito to the acclaimed franchise. The burrito includes seasoning via red herbs and green herbs, a la the healing plants found in the Resident Evil universe, before injecting the burrito with a mouth searing hot sauce dubbed the “T-Virus.”

Gaming fans in the Hitchin area looking to discover what Resident Evil tastes like can sign up to attend Cantina Carnitas “Wrapcom” event, in which the taco makers and Capcom will join forces to dole out burritos and let fans play classic Capcom games. According to the event’s promotional material, players will be able to game on some of the most popular consoles from gaming’s hey day, presumably on Capcom titles. We also wouldn’t be surprised if a few modern consoles made appearances to show off more recent Resident Evil games.

While Capcom may currently be in the doghouse with fans over Street Fighter V’s unfinished state, even the strictest Capcom hater would have a hard time saying no a tasty burrito. Hopefully the burrito tastes better than some of the recent Resident Evil games play.

Source: Gamespot