Resident Evil 7 to Have Xbox One to PC Cross-Save Feature


Video game developer Capcom officially confirms the inclusion of an Xbox One to PC cross-save feature for its forthcoming survival-horror title Resident Evil 7.

With the release date for Resident Evil 7 getting closer by the second, fans of the long-running franchise have been clamoring for any and all details about the game in order to best inform themselves about its contents prior to making a purchase. With that being the case, Xbox One owners and players on the PC should be excited to learn that the survival-horror title will support cross-saves between both platforms, making it possible for fans to switch between the two without having to lose any progress.

This particular bit of Resident Evil 7 news comes from the Japanese site Dengeki first reporting on the feature being included, with the outlet stating, "the Windows Store version can share play data with the Xbox One version." Following the revelation, IGN declared that the game's publisher and developer Capcom spoke up to confirm the cross-save aspect in a statement.

Since Resident Evil 7 will be having a cross-save functionality between Xbox One and PC, some fans might be wondering if this means that the game can be considered as being a part of Xbox One's Play Anywhere program due to its nature of having data being shared across the two platforms. However, neither Microsoft nor Capcom have officially confirmed RE 7 as such, with the label typically being applied only to games exclusive to the Xbox One. Nevertheless, it's important to note that Microsoft's Xbox boss Phil Spencer declared just last month that Play Anywhere will come to third-party games "in time," opening up the possibility for the survival-horror title to be among the first non-Xbox exclusives to be a part of the program.


Of course, while Xbox One and PC players will have a neat little functionality all of their own in the way of cross-saves for Resident Evil 7, PlayStation fans aren't being left completely out in the cold when it comes to unique features. As it happens, the game's VR mode will be a PlayStation timed-exclusive, giving virtual reality fans the chance to try out RE 7 on Sony's headset a year before other platforms. Not to mention, Xbox One and PC fans have yet to be able to actually try out any of the title's pre-release materials, as the Beginning Hour demo and subsequent trials have been available solely on PlayStation hardware.

Overall, Capcom's decision to give Xbox One and PC players the ability to cross-save is a good idea, for not only should it please Microsoft's console and personal computer fans, but also it could increase sales for Resident Evil 7 on both platforms. After all, the company will undoubtedly want to surpass its sales expectations of selling 4 million copies before April 2017.

Are you excited about Capcom adding a cross-save feature for Xbox One and PC? If so, which of the two platforms will you be playing on the most?

Resident Evil 7 is set to launch on January 24, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.

Source: Dengeki, IGN (via GameSpot)

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