Resident Evil 7 Demo Getting 'Twilight Version' Update

Resident Evil 7 Demo Getting 'Twilight' Update Tomorrow - Resident Evil 7 Baker family dinner

Capcom announces a 'Twilight Version' update for Resident Evil 7's Beginning Hour demo that will allow players to explore more of the game's creepy mansion.

One of the biggest surprises of E3 2016 was the announcement of Resident Evil VII, and the subsequent Beginning Hour demo Capcom unleashed on PS4 owners. However, fans soon discovered that the demo couldn't really be completed, with many of its mysteries unsolvable, and its items without purpose. Capcom may be rectifying that soon, as it plans on releasing a brand new "Twilight Version" update for the demo on September 15th.

An exact time that the Twilight Version update will be available for the Resident Evil VII demo is unknown. We also don't know what Capcom is adding to the demo in the update, except that it will apparently allow players to explore more of the mansion, and it will be available to download for all PlayStation 4 owners.

PS4 users should keep their fingers crossed that the Twilight Version update offers some answers to the original demo's unsolved mysteries. Players still have no idea what the dummy finger does, for example, and it's also unclear if there is any point to collecting the axe besides smashing boxes in the attic. Fans were annoyed that these items were included in the demo for no reason, so hopefully the Twilight Version update offers some closure for those that dedicated hours to trying to discover their purpose.

Capcom Bringing Resident Evil 7, Mysterious Project Palm to Tokyo Game Show - Resident Evil 7 girl in front of mansion

Besides concluding past Resident Evil VII demo mysteries, perhaps the Twilight Version update will give players a glimpse at more of the game's mechanics. Since Resident Evil VII's Tokyo Game Show 2016 trailer shows off the game's gun combat for the first time, maybe players of the demo update will be able to collect a pistol or shotgun to defend themselves against the seemingly invincible patriarch of the Baker family.

Speaking of the Baker family, fans could get a closer look at Marguerite Baker or one of the two new Baker family members seen in the TGS 2016 trailer. The Twilight Version update could also introduce new enemies to the mix as well, like the zombie-like enemies that Capcom has teased are in the game.

It would be nice if the Twilight Version update for the Resident Evil VII demo offered some explanations as to what items like the dummy finger are for and showcased some combat, but we'll have to wait and see on that front. Regardless of what the update brings, though, fans will likely appreciate the chance to experience more Resident Evil VII gameplay ahead of the game's official release next year.

Resident Evil VII will be available on January 24th, 2017 for PC, PS4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.

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