Video game publisher and developer Capcom unveils its creepy new television trailer advertisement for the forthcoming survival-horror title Resident Evil 7.

At this point, Capcom has released plenty of promotional materials for Resident Evil 7, but the majority of them have only been accessible to fans online. With that being the case, the publisher and developer has finally put together a short 30-second advertisement for TV audiences that features creepy time-lapse visuals and brief segments of gameplay for the survival-horror title.

As seen in the television trailer for Resident Evil 7 below, not only does Capcom set a deliriously sinister mood with a rendition of the song “Go Tell Aunt Rhody,” but also the studio is set to give TV viewers a glimpse into the evils that occur within the walls of the dilapidated Baker family mansion. As a matter of fact, the majority of the clip revolves around the game’s protagonist as he attempts to escape from the clutches of Jack Baker, the patriarch of the aforementioned supernatural hillbilly clan.

Although Resident Evil 7‘s TV trailer is hair-raising in an enjoyable way, there isn’t any new information that can be gleaned from the advertisement. That said, though, with Capcom having used its resources to produce the clip in the middle of this month, it should be seen as an indication that the game’s release date is now closer than ever, as there’s less than two months to go before it drops.

As mentioned in the ad for Resident Evil 7, fans can download the Beginning Hour demo now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Of course, while owners of the Microsoft and Sony consoles are currently the only platforms that offer the trial, personal computing fans will be able to experience it soon enough. As it happens, Capcom has previously announced that the demo comes to PC on December 19.


With Capcom continuing to aggressively promote Resident Evil 7, it’s quite possible for the company to hit its sales goal for the game should enough people be swayed by all of the commercial announcements made available thus far. The developer has already expressed confidence in the title’s ability to sell well due to its analysis of pre-orders, and Capcom believes RE 7 will move more than 4 million units on day one.

While it remains to be seen as to whether or not Resident Evil 7 will be a financial success, it’s safe to say that fans are incredibly excited to experience what the final product will have to offer. After all, when the game had its demo initially released for PS4, the trial set a record to become the most downloaded single-player demo on the console, with it being downloaded more than 2 million times in its first seven days of availability. Obviously, fans are hungry for a new Resident Evil that’s chock-full of real scares, so hopefully Capcom will be able to deliver the goods.

Resident Evil 7 is set to launch on January 24, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.