Resident Evil 7 Trailer Features Guns and Cannibalism

Resident Evil 7 Trailer Features Guns and Cannibalism - Resident Evil 7 pistol

At Tokyo Game Show 2016, Capcom releases a brand new trailer for Resident Evil 7, revealing more information about the main character and the antagonistic Baker family.

Going into this year's Tokyo Game Show, fans knew that Capcom would be showcasing Resident Evil VII, and so far, the studio hasn't disappointed. Leading into the show, a batch of creepy screenshots were released, and now Capcom has dropped a brand new trailer that reveals more about the story than anything we've seen so far.

In the new story trailer for Resident Evil VII, fans are introduced to the game's premise. Players will control a man named Ethan, who is drawn to the foreboding Dulvey, Louisiana farmland owned by the psychotic, supernatural family known as the Bakers, in an attempt to find his missing wife. As the trailer shows, the Bakers are especially resilient creatures, able to withstand close range pistol shots, and even an exploding car.

It's unclear how Ethan will hope to fight back against the Bakers, but green herbs should help him stay alive, at least. The Bakers try to make Ethan consume a lot more than green herbs, though, in a dinner table scene that seems to pay homage to the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It's during this scene that the Bakers try to make Ethan eat a strange object that is possibly the catalyst to their supernatural powers, but his unwillingness to do so earns him a knife to the face.


This dinner scene reveals more information about the Baker family than the Beginning Hour demo or the Gamescom trailer. It shows that the patriarch of the family is not an unintelligent hillbilly, but rather a powerful being that has some sort of goal in mind with his evil actions. It also reveals a younger Baker, possibly the son of Marguerite and the stab-happy man from the first demo, as well as an old man confined to a wheelchair.

Now that we know that this Baker family possesses special abilities, it's easier to see how this game could be connected to previous installments. While past Resident Evil heroes may not show up during the course of Resident Evil VII, there is a distinct possibility that the Bakers obtained their powers through experiments ran by the Umbrella Corporation, which would explain the photograph of the Umbrella helicopter that can be found in the demo.

Even if Resident Evil VII doesn't have a strong link to previous games in the series, the new Tokyo Game Show trailer offers more insight into the game's story and characters than anything that we've seen so far. There are still many mysteries surrounding the game, but there's also a few months between now and Resident Evil VII's 2017 release date, so there's plenty of time for Capcom to provide some answers.

Resident Evil VII will be available on January 24th, 2017 for PC, PS4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.

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