Capcom releases a new live-action trailer for Resident Evil 7 that offers players a tour of the creepy Baker family mansion and teases the family’s cannibalism.

Resident Evil 7 is less than two weeks away from release, and in an attempt to build excitement for the upcoming survival-horror game, Capcom has released yet another new trailer for it. The new Resident Evil 7 trailer gives fans a glimpse at the Baker family plantation, and teases some of the terrible things the Bakers have been up to, like kidnapping and cannibalism.

Resident Evil 7‘s new live-action trailer reiterates the idea that the Baker family are not just violent psychopaths, but they are also cannibals. A previous trailer hinted at the family’s cannibalism, showing protagonist Ethan Winters forced to attend a disturbing dinner with hunks of questionable meat on the table. This new trailer offers a live-action look at the same table from the previous trailer, with a severed human hand smack-dab in the middle of other strange meat and what are presumably human bones.

Besides the rather disgusting kitchen, the new Resident Evil 7 trailer shows off other areas of the Baker family plantation as well. One interesting location seen in the trailer is a mattress with a rope and a set of keys sitting on it. The implication is that a victim of the Baker family was restrained on the mattress at one point in time, and it could be a hint at one of the life-or-death puzzles that will be in the final game.

Other images in the trailer invoke the Beginning Hour demo in many ways. In fact, some of the areas seen in the trailer are almost identical to rooms players explored in the demo, with similar wallpaper, decorations, and junk lying around. For example, we see one shot of the mannequins that were featured in the Beginning Hour demo, and another shot shows us a telephone left off the hook that seems to be a reference to the phone players can find in the demo.

The trailer concludes with a slamming door and then a call for fans to pre-order the new game. It’s hard to say whether this short live-action trailer will convince those on the fence about Resident Evil 7‘s new direction to pre-order the game or not, but it’s worth noting Capcom has boosted the game’s pre-order deals recently, at least in the United States. Along with the previously announced pre-order bonuses, fans in the US will also net themselves a free digital copy of the film Resident Evil: Retribution.

In many ways, Resident Evil 7 is the first landmark video game release of 2017, so it makes sense that Capcom is trying to entice fans with more pre-order bonuses and a new trailer. Whether or not these efforts will see Resident Evil 7 become as big of a sales success as its predecessors remains to be seen, but we will find out in less than two weeks.

Resident Evil 7 will be available on January 24th for PC, PS4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.