Resident Evil 7 Trailer Teases Fake Chris Redfield Theory

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Thanks to an aggressive marketing campaign from Capcom, even those that have yet to complete Resident Evil 7 likely know by now that Chris Redfield is in the game. The fan favorite character appears at the very end of the story, though with a markedly different appearance and a new association with his former nemesis, the Umbrella Corporation. This led many fans to speculate that Chris Redfield in Resident Evil 7 is a fake, which Capcom has denied. However, a new trailer for the game's upcoming Not A Hero DLC teases that proponents of the "fake Chris Redfield" theory may be on to something.

The new trailer, which is currently unlisted on the Resident Evil YouTube channel, sees a conspiracy theorist named Pete looking over the Redfield tape. Pete points out how Chris Redfield's allegiance to Umbrella in Resident Evil 7 is suspicious, and just as he is about to show a photo of how Chris used to look different in past games, the trailer cuts to the Not A Hero DLC's release date.

See the new Resident Evil 7 DLC trailer right here:

Those that subscribe to the fake Chris Redfield theory make similar points as Pete, using the facts that Chris is now working for Umbrella and has a different appearance as evidence to back up their claims. According to the theory, the fake Chris Redfield in Resident Evil 7 is an Umbrella experiment himself, perhaps a modified clone of the original, or is Umbrella operative HUNK in disguise.

Before fake Chris Redfield conspiracy theorists get too excited, though, it's possible that this trailer is just poking fun at the idea. After all, Capcom has said in the past that the Chris Redfield in Resident Evil 7 is the real Chris Redfield, and even offered an explanation as to why his looks have changed. According to Capcom, Chris looks differently to better match the visual style of Resident Evil 7, which has more realistic-looking characters than past Resident Evil games.

Plus, it's not like Chris hasn't dramatically changed his appearance in the past. Chris has gone through multiple character redesigns over the years, and so it's not crazy to think that's what has happened in Resident Evil 7 as well. Ultimately, fans will have to wait a couple more weeks to learn the truth, as Resident Evil 7's Not A Hero DLC launches on PC, PS4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One on December 12th.

Resident Evil 7 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.

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