Resident Evil 7 on Switch is Having Problems in the US

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Resident Evil 7: Cloud Version was surprisingly announced for the Nintendo Switch a few days ago, and it's now available in Japan. Unfortunately for Switch owners in the US who were looking forward to playing the game, however, it seems as though it is experiencing some significant issues.

Videos have started appearing online featuring gameplay footage of Resident Evil 7: Cloud Version on the Nintendo Switch. Many of these videos feature visuals that are far worse than other versions of the game, which was expected considering the Switch's weaker hardware, but there have been some unexpected issues as well.

As seen in the video below by GameXplain, Resident Evil 7: Cloud Version has serious connectivity problems when trying to access it outside of Japan. In the video, the player is booted from the game multiple times, and they experience some stuttering issues as well. Since the game is only officially released in Japan, it's possible that these connectivity problems are simply due to the fact that people are trying to play it outside of its intended region, but it's also possible that Japanese Switch owners are having similar difficulties.

Check out the footage of how Resident Evil 7 runs on the Nintendo Switch right here:

As previously stated, Resident Evil 7: Cloud Version's inability to run properly on the Switch may simply be because people are trying to play it outside of Japan. Regardless, all the footage of the game running poorly may sour opinions on it, as well as cloud-powered gaming on the Switch in general.

Resident Evil 7: Cloud Version has been met with criticism since its initial announcement. The game's exclusivity to Japan seems to have upset some fans, as has its subscription fee and lack of a physical version, and they have expressed their disappointment online.

Even though Resident Evil 7: Cloud Version appears to be having problems, though, that doesn't mean the game can't make a comeback on Switch. Capcom could iron out its issues, or maybe even release a physical version at some point down the line. After all, Capcom wasn't even considering Resident Evil 7 for Switch at one point, so its plans for the game could change yet again.

Resident Evil 7: Cloud Version is out now in Japan for the Nintendo Switch. Resident Evil 7 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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