Resident Evil 7 News: Capcom Says 'Stay Tuned'

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Capcom producer Masachika Kawata states that fans should 'stay tuned' for more news on Resident Evil 7 — but the outlook for the Devil May Cry franchise is not so good.

It's already been three years since the release of Resident Evil 6, and there's still no word of a follow-up. However, this week's edition of Japan's Dengeki PlayStation magazine contains comments from a producer at Capcom that suggest a Resident Evil 7 announcement might not be too far off.

Masachika Kawata states that the studio isn't currently prepared to discuss Resident Evil 7, but implores fans to 'stay tuned' for more details. It's unclear whether this means that we should be expecting an imminent reveal, or whether the project is still in its planning stages.

Howver, Kawata did have some intriguing comments as to the direction of the game. He mentions a desire to 'bring out the horror', citing the recent rash of spin-off titles as evidence that the franchise has strayed from its roots. Many fans would likely welcome a tone closer to earlier entries, rather than the action-heavy titles of late.

Four years is the longest fans have had to wait between numbered Resident Evil titles, and with the next game currently unannounced, it seems probable that record will soon be broken. However, given the middling quality of Resident Evil 6, it's likely that many fans would rather wait for a better end product.

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The magazine has worse news for fans of other Capcom franchises. Fellow Capcom employee Hiroyuki Kobayashi states that the studio currently has no plans to produce an offline version of Dragon's Dogma, or any new follow-up to the hugely popular Devil May Cry series.

It remains to be seen just how long it will take for Resident Evil to emerge. While it's clear that the last mainline game in the series wasn't equal to some of its best installments, there's still a large active fanbase that would surely receive any new game with open arms — after all, the franchise's frequent spin-offs and re-releases seem to be successful enough.

We already know that the next two Resident Evil games to see release will be a remake of the second game in the series and a multiplayer-centric spin-off. That suggests that Resident Evil 7 will be a 2017 release at best — although we'd likely see a reveal some time next year.

For now, fans will simply have to wait patiently and enjoy the other Resident Evil offerings that Capcom has in production. Hopefully, a longer development period will help bring the franchise back to life.

Source: VG247

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