Just a few days after the game’s release, a speedrunner blitzes through Resident Evil 7 to beat Capcom’s latest survival-horror title in less than two hours.

About a week before the release of Resident Evil 7, spoilers for the game began flooding the Internet, with one piece of information revealing that the survival-horror title from Capcom could be beaten in about 10 hours. While that may be the case for some who are wandering around the spooky Baker family mansion with fear and trepidation, a speedrunner known as Stirliing has managed to breeze through the release in less than 2 hours to complete Resident Evil 7 in full.

As seen below in the recorded Twitch video from Stirliing, the speedrunner wastes little time making light work of Resident Evil 7‘s New Game Plus mode, as he effortlessly sprints through areas that are initially meant to be explored at a more leisured, yet frightened pace. Of course, the Twitch streamer’s confidence comes not only from the fact that NG+ starts him off with an Albert-01 pistol, but also from his previous knowledge of the layout of the Baker’s creepy, dilapidated manor.

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Of course, with Stirliing taking on Resident Evil 7 as a speedrun, once he encounters enemies like Jack Baker, for example, instead of spending almost an entire clip of pistol ammo just to stun him, the Twitch streamer wastes the evil patriarch of the supernatural hillbilly clan relatively quickly with the Albert-01 handgun. Not to mention, it seems as if his strategy is to basically zoom past any aspect of the game that is not essential to finishing it, as there are multiple instances of Stirliing skipping over having to read certain documents, and eschewing some exploration and puzzle-solving due to his prior knowledge of Resident Evil 7‘s overall design.

As of now, Stirliing currently holds the world record for the fastest speedrun of Resident Evil 7 at 1:51:02, but fans should expect that time to be bested sooner rather than later, as there are plenty of other fans attempting to finish the game even quicker. Since RE 7 just recently released, it’s safe to say most speedrunners – Stirliing included – are still getting used to the title, so there are likely many ways these gamers can refine their strategies for a more rapid playthrough, especially if skips and glitches come into play.

Taking all of this into consideration, while the standard length of Resident Evil 7 might disappoint some fans who were looking forward to having a more prolonged experience with the game, such speedruns as Stirliing’s shows how there’s still plenty of replay value to be found in the title, especially with the mansion being lousy with hidden trinkets and secrets. Plus, since Resident Evil 7‘s boss encounters are dynamic, fans will almost assuredly get an unexpectedly fresh battle with the Bakers and other baddies on different playthroughs. Furthermore, Capcom has promised to release free DLC this spring to keep the thrills going during the game’s post-launch lifespan, so there are definitely plenty of reasons to purchase Resident Evil 7 right now.

Resident Evil 7 is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.