Resident Evil 7 PC Settings Teased by Capcom

Resident Evil 7 PC Settings

Capcom is updating prospective PC players of Resident Evil 7 with the full list of settings to customize in the upcoming release of the horror game's demo.

With all of the attention for Resident Evil 7 focusing on the game's virtual reality features using PlayStation VR, it's nice to see Capcom sharing the love with other platforms. Today the publisher and developer of Resident Evil 7 shared some information with PC gamers. According to Capcom, the PC demo is still being worked on, but is just a few short weeks away from being released. In the mean time, Capcom provided something that PC gamers love - a look at the demo's various customization settings.

Graphics options are always important to PC game players, now more than ever. A look at a game's PC graphics options can show just how much effort went into putting the game onto the PC platform, and less options typically implies a sloppily ported game. With recent poor PC ports like Batman: Arkham Knight and other major titles, PC gamers are more wary than ever.

That means that Capcom is showing a level of savvy regarding the expectations of the PC community by providing a list of graphical options. Capcom has implemented a seemingly robust selection of graphics options which will all be available with the Resident Evil 7 demo. And presumably, these options may be even better when the full release of Resident Evil 7 is made available in late January.

Resident Evil 7 PC Settings - Reflections

What's especially exciting about Capcom's reveal of Resident Evil 7's graphical settings is that the studio has gone beyond expectations. The standard setting options are all there, of course - like texture quality, anti-aliasing, and ambient occlusion - but others like v-sync, field of view, dynamic shadows, and motion blur are included as well. Beyond that Resident Evil 7 boasts some settings that are not that common in today's PC games:

  • Volumetric Lighting Quality
  • Color Space (SRGB/BT.709)
  • Chromatic Aberration Toggle
  • Subsurface Scattering Toggle
  • Bloom Effect Toggle
  • Lens Flare Toggle

Of course, most of the options are toggles, which may not be the level of customization that many PC gamers will want. But that doesn't change the fact that Capcom is still providing the options where others are not.

It brings up the question of whether Sony's recent launch of the PlayStation 4 Pro is helping to push console-primary developers to provide more PC graphics options. In order to scale between the PlayStation 4 and its Pro iteration, developers like Capcom are having to split off certain visual features, disabling them on the less powerful platform.

Resident Evil 7 is launching on PC on January 24, along with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PC demo should launch in the next several weeks, but PC players can check out the graphics settings on Steam where Capcom provided them.

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