Resident Evil 7 Misses Sales Target


Releasing to strong reviews earlier this year, Resident Evil 7 has been a return to form for Capcom's premiere survival-horror franchise. Despite the game's critical success, however, it has sold less than Resident Evil 6 in the same time period, and while it still had strong sales, it fell a bit short of its goal.

While Capcom didn't provide a specific number, it remarked in its earnings report for the past fiscal year that Resident Evil 7 had a "solid performance." Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad then stated that Resident Evil 7 has shipped 3.5 million copies worldwide as of March 31st, which is 500,000 units short of its 4 million sales goal.

Even though Resident Evil 7 fell slightly short of Capcom's sales expectations, the game can still be considered a success for the company. Thanks to Resident Evil 7 and other games released within the last fiscal year, like Monster Hunter XX, Capcom enjoyed a rise in both profit and revenue.

Resident Evil 7 PS VR

Capcom's increase in profit and revenue can also be attributed to the success of Resident Evil ports. Capcom still didn't provide exact sales figures, but it did point out that older Resident Evil games "performed well" on modern consoles. Considering this, Capcom's strategy of focusing on remastered games is likely to continue moving forward, and fans should be able to expect other classic Resident Evil games to make their way to current-gen systems.

As for the next fiscal year, Capcom is projecting that it will see another rise in profit and revenue. According to Capcom, it will accomplish that goal by strengthening its digital content as well as increasing the number of major titles it releases each year. This could mean that we will see Resident Evil 8, which is currently in the planning stages, much sooner than expected.

Overall, Capcom's report for the fiscal year ending March 31st was mostly optimistic. While most of its big games failed to meet sales expectations, including Resident Evil 7, they still sold well enough for Capcom to post an overall profit. Moving forward, it will be interesting to see if Capcom makes any changes to try to meet its sales goals for the next fiscal year.

Resident Evil 7 is available now for PC, PS4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.

Source: Daniel Ahmad – Twitter

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